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What is Pod Learning?

You may have heard of “pod learning”. Here we will understand what it is and why it can be useful in education today. Lately, many parents prefer online, in-person learning systems for their children. However, there are still some challenges in online learning. Finding the best tutor is not as simple as it seems. Many parents do not have enough knowledge or resources to provide their children with an expert tutor. According to a survey, about 17 percent of parents have enough resources to support their child with homeschooling or virtual learning.

Pod Learning NYC

To the concern of many parents, Covid-19 has managed to disrupt classroom learning at an unprecedented scale. A common solution that many have relied on is the learning pod. In this article, we will discuss how a learning pod can help your child keep pace with their academic education.

What is a Learning Pod?

A learning pod is a beneficial way to enhance your child’s learning experience. It is a group of students who help each other and learns together in a remote environment. A learning pod will equip your child with remote learning in a productive environment.

Learning pods can benefit your children by enhancing their academic knowledge or helping them perform extracurricular activities. In other words, a learning pod is a group of three to four friends who are in the same grade and have similar abilities. If you want to create a learning pod with a learning coach, you can contact King Education.

Benefits of Learning Pods

Parents are turning to learn pods after pandemics so they can connect with their classmates and keep up with their studies. A learning pod will enhance your child’s learning ability as well as help them socialize.

A child learns better in a friendly environment especially when they are learning with their friends. Children and their friends in the same class can easily correlate and help each other grow academically. Here are some benefits of learning pods that you should consider:

1.     Socialization

Parents who prefer virtual learning for their children will stress more the importance of socializing. Children learn better in schools because of the learning experience. This includes positive connections with the teachers and other students. If you want your child to socialize while learning, you should create a learning pod.

A learning pod helps your child get along with like-minded students and find solutions for their challenges. You can create a group of five or six students and offer them school supplies to help each other learn. A learning coach will supervise the students and make sure they are heading in the right direction.

These students can talk to each other, ask questions, and have lunch together. In simple words, a learning pod will help your child interact with other children and seek education in a controlled environment.

Pod Learning Company K-12

2.     Schedules

Students flourish when they have a proper routine or learning structure. A learning coach will share valuable resources and develop techniques to boost the learning experience for your child. They will create a daily schedule so children will focus more on their studies.

When you or your spouse teaches your child at home they will easily get distracted. However, with the learning pod, your child will follow a schedule and cover the outline for their courses in time. This indicates that a learning pod will keep students in a progressive direction. A weekly structured routine supports your child’s development and learning.

3.     Field Trips

Students enjoy field trips as they get more opportunities to explore with their friends. A learning coach will take your child along with others in the learning pod to local sites and give them assignments. These activities will enhance your child’s learning experience and enhance their observational skills. Field trips with learning pods will encourage your child to make discoveries and share them with their friends.

4.     Enrichment Opportunities

When your child is getting an education in a learning pod, they will develop many skills beyond their standard curriculum. For instance, many learning coaches take their students for outdoor activities such as gardening so they learn new stuff every day. Furthermore, your child can also develop artistic skills with in-person art lessons.

5.     Learning Coaches

Learning coaches plan strategies for children in the learning pod. A learning coach will supervise the children with their education. Furthermore, they will direct the children to the right path with educational resources and planning.

They will create learning strategies; keep students on track, schedule subject matter, and answer questions. You can hire learning coaches for in-person or virtual learning. They will support your child through any challenges in their academic and behavioral skills.

Pod Learning: Conclusion

A learning pod is an incredible way to enhance your child’s learning capabilities through socializing. A child will love to study with their classmates. Learning pods and learning coaches are essential to direct your child to the right educational journey.

If you want to learn more about learning pods, you can contact us at 917-768-6151 and consult with professional tutors and coaches. At King Education, we make sure that your child receives the best education and face the challenges all alone. You can visit our website and fill a form for a free consultation.

King Education LLC
99 Madison Ave, Suite #5025
New York, NY 10018

(917) 768-6151

Math Preparation for the SAT – What to Expect

Math preparation for the SAT is important if you want to achieve high scores.  The SATs are important for various American college admissions. The SAT test scores make your college applications distinctive from others. These standardized tests comprise different subject tests. However, most students fear the mathematics test that can leave you confused if you lack the necessary preparation.

Math Preparation for the SAT

The first step to building a solid SAT math test prep is to familiarize yourself with what you should expect in the test. Learning and paying attention to the core topics in the tests can help you achieve a good result and score. Here’s what you should expect in terms of the mathematics test for the SAT.

Official Topics of the SAT Math Test

You should pay close attention to and study four main areas for the SAT math test. They are Problem Solving, Data Analysis, Heart of Algebra, Additional Topics, and Passport to Advanced Math. While some concepts might seem complex, you don’t have anything to worry about as they may be from the older mathematical classes such as pre-algebra and more. Here are the official topics of a typical SAT math test.

1.     Passport to Advanced Math

Take a look at the list of topics that this content of the math test covers below:

  • Simplifying expressions using exponents
  • Isolating variables in non-linear equations
  • Soling equations systems that contain linear and quadratic equations
  • Modeling real-life context using exponential and quadratic functions
  • Understanding function notations (learning how compositions and transformations occur)
  • Understanding the relationship between non-linear equations or systems with non-linear graphs
  • Polynomial expression operations (multiplication, division, addition, subtraction)
  • Relation between polynomial factors, polynomial graphs, and zeros
  • Quadratic equations (formula, square completion, and factorization)
  • Interpretation and manipulation of non-linear expressions within the context
  • Solving equations comprising variables within the denominator

2.     Data Analytics and Problem Solving

Here is the list of topics that the problem solving and data analytics content of the SAT math test covers.

  • Calculation of probabilities using data
  • Performing unit conversion
  • Solving problems through percentages
  • Solving problems through proportions, ratios, and rates
  • Scatterplots and calculations (learning how to predict a curve or line of best fit)
  • Data calculation, measurement, interpretation, and results (median, range of data, mode, and standard deviation along with the spread, center, and shape of data)
  • Justifying and making statistical interferences of data
  • Understanding differences between exponential and linear growth

3.     Heart of Algebra

Algebra is the most important SAT math test component. Here are its main topics below:

  • Understanding the relation of linear graphs with an equation or system of inequalities or equations
  • Solving inequalities or linear equations using single variables of absolute values
  • Solving linear equation systems or inequalities using two variables
  • Interpretation of expressions, inequalities, or linear equations in the context
  • Translation of word problems into inequalities, expressions, or equations

4.     Additional Topics

The additional topics content include the following in a typical SAT math test:

  • Using area and volume formulas (on the test)
  • Solving right triangle problems with trigonometric ratios of cosine, sine, and tangent or Pythagorean Theorem
  • Complex numbers operations
  • Understanding and using the relationship between trigonometric ratios, right triangles, and similar triangles
  • Conversion between radian measures and degrees
  • Solving to generate information when transversal or similar congruent triangles cut parallel lines
  • Calculation of missing values in circles (angle measures, chord lengths, arc lengths, sector areas)
  • Interpretation and finding of the standard form of a circle equation within a coordinate plane

Pay Attention to the Main Sections of the SAT Math Test

The above content material for the SAT math test will help you outline what you should be expecting. What’s more, learning the topics and then further exploring problems, concepts, ideas, and knowledge will help you exploit the best available resources.

Best Math Preparation for the SAT

Apart from the above Math section topics that might appear in the SAT tests, some key concepts are also important when prepping for your SAT test. These concepts/sections of the SAT math test help you learn and prep better. They include:

  • Multi-Step Problems
  • Real-World Applications (Examples, Operations, and Solving)
  • In-Grid Mathematical Questions
  • No-Calculator Section
  • Calculator Section (Calculator Fluency)

Math Preparation for the SAT: Conclusion

Are you looking for the best resources or guidance to prepare for your upcoming SAT math test? Do you wish to learn from the best tutor in the field for excellent SAT scores? King Education can help you do that.

Our experts are some of the most knowledgeable and experienced current and former teachers and educators helping students prepare for the SAT and other standardized tests.

Contact us at (917) 768-6151 for more information and to schedule a convenient, secure online session. 


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Do You Need SAT Coaching? Call King Education

Do you require immediate SAT coaching for your college admission? You are in the right place. Before acquiring services, it is best to review the level of expertise and results they guarantee. Many SAT prep businesses, institutions, and companies guarantee results for your SAT’s.

Best SAT Coaching NYC

However, bear in mind that while these claims might not be completely accurate, you should only go with the best SAT coaching institutions. In fact, self-study, self-determination, and honesty play a vital role in your prep in accordance with SAT coaching.

What is the SAT?

SAT is the entrance exam for admission in universities and colleges in the United States. It is a test that comprises many MCQs, administered by the College Board. SAT test scores are important for the college admissions process, and those with higher SAT test scores are more likely to get shortlisted by the college admissions officers.

Therefore, you should assume SATs as criteria that colleges use to compare applicants. In reality, the tests measure the competency and skills of a high-school student. Regardless, the importance of SATs can vary from school to school. The higher your test scores, the more college options you have.

What Does the SAT Comprise?

First and foremost, there are four main components of the SATs. These e Writing, Reading (Evidence-Based), and Mathematics (math with calculator and without calculator). SATs also comprise an Essay section, which is optional. Nevertheless, the optional Essay scores remain separated from the overall test scores.

In addition, certain schools and colleges make it mandatory for you to complete the optional essay section as part of their admissions process. The overall test itself can take as long as 3 hours and 50 minutes, whereas generally, it is no longer than 3 hours.

Scoring of the test takes place on a 200-800 point scale. The score on the new SAT ranges between 400 and 1600, whereas the optional Essay score remains separate.

Do You Require SAT Coaching? Does it help?

Coming down to the most important question, does SAT coaching help? Firstly, you should know if you require SAT coaching or not. In cases where students lack time due to missing deadlines, not studying year-out, or other reasons, it is best to seek the help of experienced professionals who can give you the best advice and help with the preparation.

Further, the skills and knowledge of experts are another reason why you might decide to take on SAT coaching. On the other hand, students who don’t want to rely solely on self-study seek the help of SAT tutors.

SAT coaching may increase the total SAT examination fees, but it is worth it if you require it for the reasons above and others. Having an SAT tutor to guide you throughout the preparation process can help you achieve high tests scores.

SAT coaching aims to design classes and schedules to help students with preparation for the tests. Hence, it is important for you to designate a certain amount of time, especially for preparing and achieving higher SAT test scores.

SAT Coaching New York

Why is an SAT Tutor Important?

What makes SAT coaching tutors important? They have in-depth knowledge of the test-taking process and know more about the SAT examination than any student appearing for the first time. Additionally, they are able to understand the test sections better where a student lacks. By outlining the areas of improvement and suggesting practices to help get higher test scores, SAT tutors can help you get admission into your dream college.

Altogether, they can guide you handle time pressure, time management, content learning, test preparation, queries, problem-solving, and more. Thus, the best way to increase your chances of scoring big in your SAT is to work with knowledgeable SAT tutors.

SAT Coaching: Conclusion

Preparing for your SAT, ACT, or other college and university admission tests can be tiresome. The right guidance can provide you with the vital information that you might be lacking. On top of that, working with professionals who have impeccable experience in the college admissions processes can pave the way to your future success in academics and professional career.

Do you require SAT coaching? Are you missing out on close deadlines? There is no need to worry because King Education can help you. We offer a range of services, including SAT preparation, tutoring, learning pod expertise, and more.

Call us today to schedule an online session!

King Education LLC
99 Madison Ave, Suite #5025
New York, NY 10018

(917) 768-6151


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What are the Main Standardized Tests?

Standardized tests are exams that evaluate your performance. Passing or failing these exams has significant consequences. These tests are not specific for measuring students’ capabilities, but educational institutions conduct these tests to upgrade. There are different types of standardized tests. For instance, students have to clear high school graduation tests to get a diploma. On the other hand, teachers have to pass PRAXIS II to receive their teacher’s license. If you want a free consultation about standardized tests, you can contact King Education and talk to professional tutors.

Types of Standardized Tests

Here are some types of standardized tests:

1.     SAT

These are college entrance exams that help the admission committee choose the eligible students. The committee evaluates the ability of the candidates and anticipates their future performance. The test includes multiple-choice questions that you need to answer within time. However, if you choose an essay, which is an optional exam, you will get additional time. This test indicates if a child is ready to join the college or they need more preparation. Passing the SATs can be easy, but scoring highly can be challenging. If you want to continue your education in your dream college, you need to get as high of a score as possible. To assist this, you can join a SAT prep course for exam preparation. But, as you are aiming to achieve the highest possible score, you need to choose the best institution.

Standardized Tests | Best Tutoring

2.     GMAT

The GMAT or Graduate Management Admission Test is a critical examination for students applying for business school. The test includes the computer-based standardized and multiple-choice exam. GMAC globally conducts exams to measure the preparation of the applicants. If you want to achieve graduate-level education in business school, you need to pass this exam. Business schools, while considering the students for their MBA program, compare the GMAT score along with work experience. Furthermore, they will also assess your admission application and previous academic record. If you want to pass the GMAT and enroll in the business school for MBA program, you need to join a GMAT prep course. This course will help you understand the exam pattern and complete the exam in time. A professional tutor will provide valuable information and material so you achieve high scores on GMAT. Therefore, you should wisely choose the institution for the GMAT prep course.

3.     ACT

Similar to SAT, ACT is widely accepted in most colleges in the United States. A nonprofit organization, ACT, conduct this test, so universities can enroll students based on ACT scores. Colleges measure four academic skills from this test. These skills include mathematics, English, scientific reasoning, and reading. If your high school GPA is low than the college eligibility, you can pass this exam with a good score and makeup to the desired college. This test will help you evaluate your capabilities as well as offer a fair chance to deserving students. When you pass the ACT, you can also apply for a scholarship. Various colleges offer academic scholarships based on this exam. Another major advantage of this test is that you can retake it if you fail for any reason. If you decide to take the ACT exam, you need proper guidance to succeed. The best way to understand and pass the test is by joining a professional institute who offer preparation course. This course will help you with the preparation so that you can get the maximum score possible.

Main types of Standardized Tests

4.     GRE

The GRE or Graduate Record Examination will help you complete your business school or graduate school application process. This exam is similar to GMAT and includes multiple-choice questions and a computerized examination. The admission committee measures your skills for data analysis, geometry, algebra, and arithmetic. Also, it helps evaluate your college vocabulary knowledge. While preparing for this examination, you will develop the ability to analyze and assess written material. Also, it enables you to develop problem-solving and critical thinking abilities.

What are the Main Standardized Test Types?: Conclusion

Passing standardized tests is not a piece of cake. Even if you know the subject matter, you might find it hard to complete the test within the given time. Also, the test patterns can be confusing if you are taking the tests for the first time. Therefore, it is essential to prepare for these tests.

At King Education LLC, we help students get ready for the future. Our experienced teachers and tutors thoroughly understand the most common standardized tests. They know strategies to increase your chances of success taking the test. If you want to hire one of our expert tutors, give us a call at 917-768-6151

What Makes the Best Physics Tutor?

Are you looking for the best physics tutor for your kid? Well, in that case, we will help you to learn the best skills that make the right physics tutor for your child. Schools are reopening worldwide after a long break due to the pandemic. As more people are getting natural immunity or being vaccinated, focus is shifting back to other important issues of life, such as education.

What Makes the Best Physics Tutor?

Is your child struggling with Physics? One such task may be finding the right tutor for your kid. You should pay more attention to how you can find the best physics tutor for your kid. In this article, we will discuss what makes the best physics tutor. It is important because your child cannot succeed in their studies without the right guidance, support, and knowledge from an experienced individual.

What Makes the Best Physics Tutor?

Physics is the branch of science that deals with the nature, properties, and characteristics of energy and matter. Whether it’s the studies of celestial bodies or space, physics plays an important role in learning complex concepts. Therefore, it is valid to assume that the children who are struggling with Physics as a subject or those who take it with great passion need the best Physics tutor. But how do you search for the best physics tutor for your child? Here’s how.


Again, one of the main factors when finding the right tutor for Physics or any other important subject is to assess whether or not they have the required knowledge to teach their students. What makes a tutor any different from all the learning material online that is available for free? Well, it is the immense knowledge and real-world thinking that comes with expertise and reaching the primary academic goals.

A good tutor can help a student understand how the universe behaves by studying matter, motion, and behavior through time and space.

Passionate Towards Physics

One more thing that you need to take care of is to find out if the tutor that you choose is passionate about the subject or not. In case it is someone who doesn’t feel interested or inclined towards learning or teaching physics, it will become a waste of money and, most importantly, your child’s precious learning time.

The perfect example is a tutor who finds physics interesting and is always on the lookout for finding something new to teach. That is, they share their interest, curiosity, and learning tactics with their students in order to help them understand concepts like matter, energy, force, and motion.

Skills and Knowledge

The experts in Physics have become role models and inspiration for many students and tutors worldwide. Bearing some of the similar qualities as the greatest scholars of Physics is a plus side for your child.

The right tutor is the one who has in-depth knowledge and the necessary skill set. Apart from that, the best tutors make sure their students comprehend the layered concepts with the right approach to learning. Rather than memorizing the complex formulas and codes, they help a student understand why a formula applies to the problem in the first place.


You don’t want your kid to spend time learning with someone who only sticks to the book. Learning the basics from textbooks is important, but there is always the need to let students use their thinking to explore different ideas. A friendly teacher welcomes all ideas, theories, calculations, methods of solving a problem and even suggests different approaches to a given problem.

Best Physics Tutor

Examples of the Real World

What’s the main skill set that the best physics teacher needs to have apart from those above? It is the ability to point out and give real-world examples for students. Physics is the study of energy and matter, which means that there are many live and natural learning points in our life. Thus, the physics tutor should be able to help the students in learning besides the textbooks.

Learning the core concepts of physics becomes easy with real-life examples and helps students build the idea of how physics actually works. It is one of the most valuable traits that your child can benefit from in a tutor.

What Makes the Best Physics Tutor: Conclusion

Are you looking for the best physics tutor for your child? The best physics teachers not only possess expertise in the subject, but they make learning for the students Physics more fun. If your child struggles with studying Physics, there is no need to worry anymore. With King Education, you can find the best tutor for yourself or your child.

Contact us at (917) 768-6151 to learn more about our services.

King Education LLC
99 Madison Ave, Suite #5025
New York, NY 10018.


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Are SAT Prep Courses Worth It?

Are you considering taking SAT prep courses? Will it actually help improve your score? Is it worth itMany students eventually take the SAT for college admissions. Faced with the challenge of getting a good score, many students and parents wonder if SAT prep courses are worth it. Hundreds of institutions offer SAT prep courses, claiming they can improve your capabilities and SAT scores. The prices of these prep courses can vary depending on the institution and its services. While applying for college admission tests, students can’t take risks when it comes to preparing. But it’s no easy task for students with no knowledge of the SAT. So if you want to ace college admission tests, you need to prepare for them. That’s where SAT prep courses come in. You can join SAT prep course with highly qualified tutors at King Education to increase your chances of admission to the best colleges in NYC.

Are SAT Prep Courses Worth It?

How Effective are SAT Prep Courses?

When you visit different private counselors or companies for SAT prep courses, they will tell you that they can help improve your score by 100 points or more. However, the reality is different from what they claim and unfortunately much less impressive. A study by College Board suggested that SAT prep courses increased their verbal scores by 10 points on average. For their math score, they were able to get 18 more points. Another study by NACAC in 2009 showed that students improved by 10 points in critical reading, while their math scores improved by about 20 points.

Experts in the profession conducted these studies ages ago. Today, SAT preparatory courses can improve up to 30 points on average. In another study, NACAC revealed that about one-third of universities consider even a slight increase of scores while conducting admission tests. Many colleges conduct specific tests for admission. To qualify for those tests, even a slight change in your score will decide your acceptance and rejection for their entry tests. If 30 points can make a world of difference, aren’t you better off taking that chance?

Besides admissions, colleges and universities also consider SAT for scholarship eligibility. Therefore, you need to make an additional effort to achieve the highest possible scores. SAT prep courses help students boost scores so they can succeed in their admission tests and increase their chances for a scholarship.

Benefits of SAT Prep Courses

Here are some benefits of taking SAT prep courses for your college admission test:

1.     Provides Strategies

When a student takes the SAT for the first time, it’s possible that they’re unaware of certain types of questions. Having appropriate strategies to solve questions can prove helpful. Most students who are about to take the test understand the concept of elimination for multiple-choice questions. However, they still need some SAT material to perform well in the test. SAT prep courses offer materials that help create a strategy for the final test. In this case, math is one area where you should have a strategy to instantly find answers, effectively increasing your ratio of correct answers.

2.     Tips for Efficiency

While taking the test you should understand the importance of time. Many students panic when they have less time to complete the test. They forget everything they know because they consistently think about the clock ticking. You have to complete the test before three hours. But, when you have to write an essay, you receive an extra 50 minutes. So, if you intend to get the best possible score, you need to become more efficient. An SAT prep course helps you achieve the best results by guiding techniques to complete the test quickly, yet accurately.

SAT Prep Courses - Are They Worth It?

3.     Gives a Framework for the Material

Prep courses offer a framework to the students so they can understand the type of test they would be getting. The outline they receive will help them understand the sections and content. Sure, prep courses can’t prepare students for the exact questions they will get on test day, tutors can help with question comprehension. They will frequently give tests on a similar pattern so you get used to it. Furthermore, they will develop your critical thinking skills and help you understand the concept behind each question.

Are SAT Prep Courses Worth It?: Conclusion

At King Education, we encourage students to become responsible and take initiative about their future. We understand that college is the start of a new journey for students. You can accomplish your dream of going to your dream college if you have the dedication to ace the SAT. Our goal is to help you succeed in the entrance tests as well as enhance your learning skills.

Joining our SAT prep program is always a good investment for dedicated students. Our SAT program includes custom workbooks, in-class hours, home assignments, practice exams, and other essential materials. If you want to achieve the highest SAT score, give us a call at 917-768-6151 or schedule a free consultation.

99 Madison Ave.
Suite #5025
New York, NY 10018
(917) 768-6151

All About The SAT Test

Want to know all about the SAT test? Many colleges and universities consider SAT scores as entrance exams. The SAT includes multiple-choice questions and answers that are essential for college admissions. Many institutions such as King Education help students succeed in SATs by offering effective techniques and resources.

The SAT exam helps colleges evaluate the capabilities of the students and anticipate their future performance. When you apply for a college the admission committee will review your high school GPA along with your SAT score. Once you qualify, they will finalize your admission after going through your application.

As a standardized test, it measures your capabilities and skills and has important consequences on your academic career. The importance of SAT depends on the college you want to apply to. When you have higher scores in your SATs, you have better opportunities. Here are some benefits of taking SAT examination:

  • While preparing for this exam you will develop advanced reading and writing skills that will help you throughout your career.
  • SAT improves your numerical knowledge.
  • If your scores are higher, you can easily apply for a scholarship
  • The fee of SAT is lower than other entrance tests.
  • You can develop basic level knowledge in Math and English.
  • Many educational institutions help students to score higher in SAT exams.

All about the SAT test

Overview of SAT Examination

Below you will find three sections of SATs:

1) Evidence-Based Reading and Writing Section

There are 96 questions in this section. You have to answer these questions in 100 minutes. There are two sub-categories of this section. These sub-categories are the reading tests and the writing and language tests. The scores in this section range from 200 to 800.

  • SAT Reading Test

This is one of the longest tests in the SAT. It includes 52 questions that you need to answer in 65 minutes. The test will include five passages with multiple-choice questions. These passages may also include charts and graphs according to the content. The main purpose of this test is to evaluate the ability of the student to analyze evidence and understand complicated words.

  • SAT Writing and Language Test

This is the second test and includes 44 questions. You need to complete these questions within 35 minutes. There are four passages in this test. Along with these passages, you will receive 11 multiple-choice questions. These passages will also include charts and graphs. These questions will test your grammar, rhetoric, usage, and style of the English language.

2) SAT Math Section

The math section includes two sub-categories and you need to complete them both in 80 minutes. It includes 58 questions in total. The score of this test also ranges between 200 and 800. Most of the questions are multiple-choice. Some questions will include a grid so you can write the answer. The major math topics for this section are problem-solving, algebra, data analysis, and advanced math. The advanced math questions will include complex numbers, trigonometry, and geometry.

  • Math No-Calculator Section

In this section, you cannot use a calculator for the answers. You will get 20 questions in this section that you have to answer in 25 minutes. These 20 questions will include both multiple-choice questions and grid-in questions. The topics include algebra and advanced math.

  • Math with Calculator Section

In this section, you can use a calculator to answer the questions. The duration of the test would be 55 minutes and you have to answer 38 questions. This test also includes multiple questions and grid-in questions. You can also use a scientific calculator to calculate the values for graphs. Only a few questions in this section will require a calculator.

Best SAT test prep & tutoring

3) SAT Essay Section

This section is optional and you have to complete this test in 50 minutes. The test includes a speech or commentary. You need to closely read the passage and assess the reasoning, language, and rhetoric proposed by the author. You need to give an analytical evaluation of the passage. You will receive scores in three divisions that include analysis, writing, and reading. Your score will range between 2 to 8 for each section.

All About the SAT Test: Conclusion

King Education LLC has the best tutors for academic tutoring and SAT prep courses. We will help you learn strategies and techniques to get high scores on the test. Our SAT program help students succeed in their college entry test examination.

Besides the SAT program, we also advise you on your college admission applications to improve your chances of acceptance to your dream college. Whether you are looking for academic tutoring or a math tutor, we can help you in achieving better grades.

Contact us at 917-768-6151 or visit our website for a free consultation.

All About College Counseling

Do you need college counseling to help getting into the college of your choice? The life of a college student can be stressful as they do not have to worry just about their classes and lectures. College students also focus on internships, assignments, projects, extracurricular activities, and most importantly their careers. Keeping up with all these activities can make their everyday life overwhelming. That’s where college counseling and guidance come in.

A college counselor develops strategies for students. They support and assist in creating a stress-free life for the student, so they can achieve their career goals. If you want to consult a college counselor, you can contact King Education and speak with professional tutors and counselors.

Benefits of College Counseling

Here are some significant benefits of college counseling:

1.     Reduce College Stress

Applying for colleges, filling out applications, and passing your college entry tests can be hectic, especially when you have no guidance. When applying for college, you are making the crucial life decisions. Choosing the wrong career path at this stage can be disastrous. However, if you have access to college experts, you can seek help and choose a suitable career path. Having a college counselor at your side makes a huge difference. A college counselor helps you evaluate your strengths and weaknesses, defining a clear direction towards success in the process.

Best college counseling NYC

2.     Create a Wish List

Visiting a college counselor helps you understand a suitable career path based on your skills and capabilities. This is the point where you decide your future profession. When you have a college counselor at your side, they will help you recognize your goals and dreams. This will help you determine what you want to do in life. Furthermore, they analyze the financial condition, academics, campus culture, and stay there with you throughout the entire college search.

3.     Identify the Best Colleges

While selecting a college you have to go through many options making it hard for you to identify the best option. When you are choosing a career or the right schools, you need to define your goals and unique personality. College counselors are professionals who evaluate your nature and help you select the best college. They will narrow down the list of colleges and support you throughout the searching process.

4.     Increase Your Success Rate

Selection in a renowned university is not an easy task. The admission committee has to choose from the number of applications. While applying for a reputable college you need to consider more than securing high scores and grades. A college counselor will help you secure your position for admission.

They create an application, letter of recommendation, and other requirements for admission. Also, they will help you prepare for the tests and provide important materials. In short, a college counselor will increase your success rate for college admissions.

5.     Making the Right Decision

Choosing the right college and major subjects can be challenging. Many students cannot perform well in their college because of wrong decisions while applying for the college. A professional career counselor will list down your dreams and goals, evaluate the right choices, and help you with the application. They will help you make the right decision and define a career path that suits you.

6.     Creating a Presentable Application

After admission test scores, the most important thing to consider is the application. Many students fail to create a presentable application. The admission committee takes applications seriously while considering students. A college counselor understands what you should include in your application for college. They are helping students to succeed in the admission process for years. Therefore, visiting an experienced counselor will increase your success rate.

All about college counseling

Role of College Counselors

A college counselor knows different colleges. They will collaborate with school counselors and help you choose the best option. They will consider the following qualities while choosing the best-fit:

  • Campus culture
  • Professors and academics
  • Size and location
  • Quality of life
  • Return on investment and financial aid
  • Access to experimental learning

Other than that, a college counselor will:

  • Create a list of best options and help you narrow down the list based on your capabilities.
  • Customize admission strategy according to your skills and college requirements.
  • Make a presentable application to make it stand out among other applications.
  • Reduce college stress by guiding you through each step of the process.
  • Choose courses and tests based on your strengths.
  • Consider your financial position and decide on the best admission and financial package.

Keep in mind that college counseling is more than selecting the college. A counselor will spend their time to guide ways to achieve your academic goals.

All About College Counseling: Conclusion

Are you looking for a reputable college counselor who can help you with the admission process? Contact King Education and consult with a professional counselor. Our counselors will support and guide you so you can succeed in registering in your dream college. Contact us at 917-768-6151 or visit our website for a free consultation.

Academic Tutoring: Could Your Child Benefit?

Parents choose academic tutoring for different reasons. Some parents cannot give proper attention to their children. Others think that having a tutor will bring consistency to their child’s academic process. Regardless of the reason, academic tutoring will help your child in numerous ways. It will improve communication and learning skills. Also, your child will feel confident, learn new techniques, and develop skills to ace their exams.

Best Academic Tutoring NYC

A tutor will give separate attention to your child that they cannot receive from crowded classrooms. Some children cannot perform well in classrooms because get distracted very easily. They can only learn in a private environment where they can open up and share their ideas. So, if you find your child struggling to keep up in their classroom, you can hire a private tutor. Also, an academic tutor will keep your child on track during vacations such as during summers and spring break.

Benefits of Academic Tutoring

Academic tutoring is essential as it enhance a child’s learning and studying skills. When a child receives individual attention, they can achieve their life goals with confidence and motivation. A reputable and experienced tutor in your child’s life will increase their chances of success. Here are some advantages of hiring an academic tutor:

1.     One-on-One Session

One-on-one sessions will help tutors understand your child’s behavior and nature. That way, they can construct a new learning style specific for your child. An academic tutor acts as a private teacher but the difference is that they will give dedicated attention to your child.

2.     Unique Learning Experience

When you provide your child with an individualized learning experience, they will develop their learning skills. A private tutor will customize activities and lessons according to your child’s capabilities. Your child will never get this type of attention in the classroom.

3.     Improved Attitude Towards Education

When a child is under the supervision of a private tutor, they will learn as well as have fun. A professional tutor will consistently motivate your child by praising them. This constant encouragement will enhance your child’s morale so they feel less overwhelmed and frustrated.

4.     Enhanced Academic Performance

An academic tutor will help your child prepare for exams and tests. Furthermore, they will understand the weak points and individually work on them. After hiring a private tutor, you will notice a significant improvement in your child’s grades. Their grades do not just come from learning, but also developing a better understanding of their subjects.

5.     Self-Directed Learning

A tutor will develop your child’s confidence and with time, they will initiate their school work all alone. In short, a tutor will help your child control their learning pace.

6.     Positive Work Space

Schools are full of distractions that prevent your child from focusing on their education. Learning in a distraction-free environment will help them focus on learning. When you hire a professional tutor, they give complete attention to your child. This enhances skill development for your child so they can better tackle obstacles in the future.

7.     Development of Good Study Habits

Private tutoring will develop new skills and studying habits that will help your child throughout their life. Using these skills, your child can succeed in future challenges and achieve their goals.

Academic Tutoring: Could your Child Benefit?

8.     Self-Esteem and Confidence

Your child’s confidence and self-esteem are important to develop new skills. A tutor will contribute time and efforts to improve your child’s confidence so they can address their problems. That way, a tutor can understand their weaknesses and provide better guidance to improve their skills. They will offer customized resources so your child performs better in the classroom.

9.     Independence and Responsibility

A tutor will teach your child techniques so they can expand their ability to complete school assignments all alone. Your child will understand their responsibilities toward education and focus on their personal growth.

10. Tackle Learning Obstacles

When you hire a private tutor for your child, they will feel comfortable and communicate challenges while learning. Whether it is about math, writing, or reading, a private tutor will develop a proper plan to solve the challenges.

11. Social and Behavioral Skills

Besides academic development, an academic tutor also focuses on social and behavioral development. They will communicate with the child and help them adjust to the environment.

12. College Selection

An academic tutor will help your child get through the stressful challenges of college. They will develop advanced skills, create study plans, and enhance their time management skills for college entry tests.

Academic Tutoring: Conclusion

King Education LLC offers private tutoring programs to enhance the confidence and academic skills of your child. If your child is dealing with challenges in school, we can develop their learning and critical thinking skills to tackle future challenges.

If your child is having challenges learning in class and could benefit from academic tutoring, contact us at (917) 768-6151

What are Elementary & Middle School Learning Pods?

Have you heard of learning pods for elementary and middle school students? The current global pandemic brought about a plethora of hurdles. Nevertheless, it trained the world to make new changes, such as incorporating unique ways of learning. While the pandemic badly affected many industries, the education sector took the worst hit. Not to mention, students all around the world have to adapt to new ways of learning that may not suit them.

Teachers and parents are quite concerned about students in elementary and middle schools. At these levels, they need social interaction for growth and development, and studying on a screen isn’t enough.

To tackle this issue, US schools have introduced a unique and new way of learning that helps small groups of children interact with each other at home or outside.  This method, ‘learning pods,’ is starting to gain traction since its launch in July. Learning pods have the potential to help young students adjust to remote learning. To know more about this learning plan, read on.

Elementary and Middle School Learning Pods

What Are Learning Pods?

Learning pods are similar to a normal classroom but host a smaller group or class. It targets elementary and middle school students who need interaction with classmates to learn better. Each pod will have a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 10 kids per group.

Usually, a professional tutor conducts the classes. Everybody has a different way of learning and teaching. Some learning pods support preens, who share the tutor’s responsibility, while some are more of a home-schooling regimen with a standard curriculum. Learning pods help elementary and middle-school children receive the attention they need from the comfort of their home.

Why Opt For Learning Pods?

Social interaction is very important for elementary and middle-school kids, but they are susceptible to the virus as well. One of the main reasons to opt for the learning pod method is to avoid the risk of them contracting the coronavirus. These innovative learning pods help students receive in-person instructions while staying safe.

While all schools have adapted to online learning, children aren’t receiving the attention they normally would in school. Not to mention, some kids find it difficult to pay attention during online classes. Through learning pods, your child can receive qualitative in-person learning. At the same time, they will have classmates around, which makes for a lively environment.

Despite remote learning’s importance for the public’s safety, parents are having a hard time keeping up with kids’ online classes. Often, they are unable to give proper guidance. This puts parents under a lot of stress, preventing them from focusing on other chores around the house, especially now that most businesses function online. With the help of learning pods, as a parent, you can focus on other things. At the same time, you will be relieved that your child is getting proper attention via learning pods.

Learning pod classes are usually at a child’s home. This way, you don’t have to worry about your child being in an environment that may expose them to the virus. It’s safe, especially if you know all the parents are part of the learning pod.

The Safety of Learning Pods

A major concern for parents would be the safety of their children during the ongoing pandemic. You’re probably wondering if it’s safe enough to send your child to a learning pod? Considering the widespread of the coronavirus and its severity, we ensure that all our tutors implement hygienic practices at all times. We have them sign a specific contract as well.

During the entire session, tutors will have their masks on and practice social distancing from the kids as much as they can. The families sending in their kids are also encouraged to follow basic hygienic practices set by the CDC and the State of New York. Children are at all times encouraged to do the same by their tutors.

What are Elementary and Middle School Learning Pods?

How Learning Pods Support Kids Academically

Helping kids grow academically via learning pods is one of the main aims of this system.  Learning pods help students who find it difficult to study online. They help them receive on-the-spot interaction on Zoom. The tutor will give students a task and help them out individually. At the same time, they give projects, assignments, and different lectures. The best part about learning pods is that they will provide students with the necessary supplemental materials, which is another less burden for parents.

Elementary & Middle School Learning Pods: Final Thoughts

If you’re convinced that your elementary or middle-school going child requires and will benefit from a learning pod, then you can contact us at and enroll your child in one of our learning pods.  Allow your child to receive the education they deserve during this challenging time and witness the beneficial effect it has on them.

What Makes the Best SAT Test Prep Companies?

So, what makes the best sat test prep companies? Preparing for an SAT examination is one of the most important steps to getting into your desired college/university. The College Board administers these exams, which include several multiple-choice questions related to all math solutions. For some, this may seem easier than for others, but for most students, it’s actually quite tricky. The last thing you want is to end up with a lower score than the minimum requirement for your preferred university. Preparation is key to getting a decent SAT score; however, studying for a course alone can get a bit difficult and confusing.

Best SAT Test Prep Companies

The best way to prepare for your SAT examinations is by seeking help from SAT test preparation companies. There are a million SAT test preparation companies that offer the required help. Whether you want teachers or practice tests, you can easily find them. At first, most of these companies might sound very convincing to get you the ultimate score, but it takes more than that.

To avoid choosing the wrong SAT test preparation company and avoiding a low score, you will have to choose one carefully. To help you out, here are a few points on what you should seek in an SAT test preparation company.

What Makes the Best SAT Test Prep Companies

1.    Group of Expertise

The number one thing that makes an SAT preparation company the perfect choice for you is a teacher’s expertise. They are the primary source to help you achieve your desired score via effective teaching and guidance. The teachers available should be well aware of the SAT examination pattern and have an impressive record of helping students get great SAT scores.

Teachers that have scored in the 99th percentile are more preferable, as you can tell they are good at what they do. But at the same time, having knowledge and brains isn’t enough. Teachers should use adaptive and unique teaching methods when helping you prepare for your test.

2.    Offers SAT Prep Resources

Preparing students for the SAT involves more than just instructing and teaching. A good SAT preparation company offers different study materials during your session and will provide assignments and homework to deepen and improve your preparation. All of this keeps a student engaged and makes preparing for SAT more interesting. There are various tactics to prepare students, and only a smart and experienced SAT preparation company knows them.

3.    Good Score Background

When looking for a good SAT preparation company, you must check their score history. This will give you relief that you can also achieve a good score by seeking help through their courses. By checking a particular SAT prep company’s score thresholds or point improvements, you will know if they are right for you. Looking at this, you will understand that the course works for all students with different learning capacities and abilities.

4.    Small Class Size

When preparing for your SAT test, you need all the attention you can get, even if it’s not one-on-one. The most one-on-one attention you can achieve is if the company offers multiple smaller class sizes. The fewer students in a class, the easier it is for the teacher to pay attention to a few students individually. Individual attention creates more space for improvement. It also helps in studying better as you feel less pressure of having to deal with a lot of competition in the classroom. This also allows the teacher to note your weak spots and work better towards that for improvement.

Best NY SAT Test Prep Companies

5.    Years of Experience

The SATs have been going on for quite a while now, and many old renowned companies still offer SAT prep courses. Some are new, while some have continued for a while. You will obviously want to first go for a company with more experience in preparing students for the SAT.

The more experience they have, the more likely they are more advanced in their ways of preparing students and are well aware of the SAT structure. This also allows you to ask people around you who may have attended SAT courses from the same company.  Taking reviews from different people is very important.

Best SAT Test Prep Companies: Takeaway

Looking for a good SAT test prep company can get a bit frustrating, especially when you have so many options. Over that, you have the stress of preparing for your SAT. But there is no point in stressing out or panicking. You will find a good SAT test prep company at the end of the day. All you need to do is look for these few features mentioned above in a company. And then choose one that matches all of them. Most importantly, you should feel comfortable with the environment.

You can achieve some of the best SAT test preparation from King Education LLC. Allow them to help you attain your desired score through effective guidance and teaching methods.

The SAT Test & Preparation

What is the best type of preparation for the SAT Test? The SAT exam can be one of the most stressful papers you study for. As this is the key to your dream college or university, the pressure is on. The SAT test is more of a mathematical exam that requires a lot of practice and preparation. Only with both of them will you be able to achieve the right score to get you into college. Failure to achieve the minimum score may require you to retake the test or lose the chance of getting into a particular university.

If it’s your first time giving the SAT exam, you’re probably stressing out. Unfortunately, that’s definitely not going to help you get through your exam. Here are a few tips mentioned below that might help you begin with the SAT preparation. By keeping these factors in mind, the SAT exam will feel more like a challenge that you can surely get through.

SAT Test Preparation

Best Preparation for the SAT

The preparation stage can get a bit frustrating, especially when you’re doing it on your own. It would be a good idea to get professional help from your school for your SAT examinations. But if you plan to do it on your own, here are a few SAT preparation tips that might help you out.

1.     Registration

The first stage of your SAT preparation is registering online on the College Board website. You have to first create your account with the necessary details on this website and then register. You will have a few choices in the location where you will sit for your exam, along with the dates. Once you have the dates, you can make your study schedule and count your days to the final day.

2.     Go Through the Exam Structure

By going through the exam structure, you will learn what to expect during the exam. Learning the structure will help you practice papers. The SAT test has a maximum of 1600 marks. Study how the score distributes across, so you know what to focus on more. With the help of a professional teacher, you might understand this clearer.

3.     Assess Your Low Points

There is no such thing as a perfect student as everyone has their weaknesses. Accept your weaknesses, and start working on them. This will help you during practice as you can practice questions that you struggle with more. This way, you can turn your weaknesses into your strengths and ace the test!

4.     Have Goals

You must keep a score goal, as this will help you prepare better if you’re unable to achieve your desired score in the first few practice tests. The best way to hit your score goal is by keeping estimates for every target score. Make your preparation somewhat like a game and more challenging. This might encourage you to study more, especially on days when you just want to procrastinate.

Best Online SAT Test and Preparation

5.     Go Through Test Strategies

Test strategies are an important way to reach your ultimate score goal. There are millions of strategies available, but to get the best one, it’s best if you get in touch with a professional SAT professor.

6.     Practice Makes Perfect

Practice is the only way that’s going to get you through your SAT. Keep solving questions on your own and even with friends who might be giving the SAT with you. Solving papers together helps understand something better and group studying is always fun! You will have to go through few practice runs. Never get too confident if you do well on the first one. It’s best to keep practicing till the day of your SAT exam.

7.     The Final Day

Avoid stress-studying before the big day as it is going to only make it worse for you. It would be best if you got adequate amounts of sleep as you have to stay fresh for your exam. Try to eat well, as it can be hard to think on an empty stomach. Moreover, eating before an exam helps you avoid dizziness and prevent chances of fainting, which are quite common during exam day. Make sure to prepare all your stationery the night before so you don’t panic at the examination table when you find out you forgot to bring a calculator!

SAT Test Preparation: Conclusion

No matter how much you practice for the SAT’s, there is always this feeling of nervousness till the day you get through. But, that’s common, and almost every student goes through it.

If you want to go through a smooth SAT preparation, get in touch with the best SAT coaching at King Education and simplify the SAT test preparation. It definitely gets hard studying alone, but there is no harm in trying with the help of the tips mentioned above and an experienced tutor.

(917) 768-6151

K-12 Education: Tutoring Options

Have you ever considered tutoring options as part of your K-12 child’s education? Or yourself, for that matter? Well, tutoring is a very common requirement in today’s world. Many students find tutoring to have a positive effect on them. It refines crucial concepts and makes it easier for them to learn. No matter how advantageous tutoring might be, people still think it’s for students who have slower coping skills.

On the contrary, tutoring is a practice platform and helps you get extra help and guidance. With a tutor, you can revise whatever you’ve learned in school. Besides, it allows for one-on-one understanding as well. The tutoring industry has flourished, especially thanks to changes in technology. Instead of having to stay back in school for classes with a tutor, you can now get it at home, any time of the day, using handheld devices. If you would like to find out more tutoring options for yourself, read further below.

K-12 Education Tutoring

K-12 Tutoring Options

1.     Government Tutoring Programs

The State Department of Education offers free government tutoring programs to a list of schools. This program pairs almost every student with a professional, knowledgeable tutor. These tutors could be teachers from other schools or come from community-based organizations. The Every Student Succeeds Act states that a certain amount of students has the right to free tutoring. To see if your school is on the eligibility list, get in touch with your school district.

2.     Learning Centers

You can enlist your child in a learning center, which is somewhat similar to a school but runs very. Learning centers give students the platform to study with whatever skills they have among professionally trained teachers. Over here, students can choose between one-on-one tutoring and small group tutoring.

Learning Centers like King Education LLC provide effective K-12 tutoring services. One drawback of enrolling your child in a learning center would be that you cannot choose a tutor. The academic office will assign each student with a tutor. This may also be expensive for you as you will have to pay for every individual session, which can go up to $200.

3.     Individual Tutoring

Individual tutoring is a standard option that many students use. However, sometimes it’s hard to look for a good-quality tutor on your own. The good thing about individual tutoring is that you get that one-on-one attention that you can’t get in class. Furthermore, you feel comfortable when it comes to asking different homework or school-related questions. You also get to choose your tutor according to your preferences. So if you sense a good professional teaching vibe from them, then they’re probably the perfect choice for you. You can look for tutors online or even around your school.

4.     Online Tutoring Software

Online tutoring has taken over almost every other tutoring option, especially in today’s time of “social-distancing.” The good thing about online tutoring is that it’s easily available, and there are a million platforms that offer this. Khan Academy and Cheggs Tutors are just two of many popular examples to choose from. You can access this software at any time of the day and study at your own pace.

Some of the online tutoring software provides minimal fields of teaching and, at times, can get repetitive. It’s also a good way to save money as some of these are free. If you want to achieve a one-on-one personal relationship with your tutor, then this might not be the best tutoring option for you.

K-12 Tutoring Education

5.     School Tutoring

Many schools provide the option of tutoring if they feel that a student needs extra help and attention. In most cases, school teachers offer tutoring after school hours. They help with things you don’t understand in the classroom and guide you through homework queries.

Some students might not feel comfortable with this option as there is usually a barrier between the classroom teacher and the student. The thought of staying back in school is also exhausting and demotivating. You can check with your child’s school to see if they offer such services.

6.     Friends and Family

If you have friends and family who are really good at teaching, you can always seek tutoring help. For many, this is more of a comfortable and reasonable option to seek tutoring services from someone you already know. But, you may not achieve that sense of professionalism, and at times it can get awkward.

K-12 Education Tutoring Options: Bottom-Line

With so many tutoring options available, it can get a bit confusing on what to choose for your child. To make this process easier, you should first identify whether your child is comfortable with in-person or online tutoring. Once you know this, you can assess the options that go with each category. It’s always best to consult with your child before choosing one for them.

For a better understanding of in-person or group tutoring, get in touch with King Education LLC.

Online Tutoring for Advanced Placement AP Classes

Do you need online tutoring for an AP class? Online tutoring has significantly impacted the education industry. It is now easier for students to cope with their academic issues outside school within the comforts of their homes.  Many subjects and courses make up for online tutoring.

So if you’re looking to achieve tutoring in a specific field or subject, you can easily attain that by looking for the best online tutors. If you plan to take an AP course in school and achieve college credit during your high school year, you could take online tutoring for that.

AP classes take a lot of time and effort, and sometimes it gets a bit difficult to manage with your other classes. If you feel like you’re falling behind on your AP classes in school, there is no need to drop out or give up. You can instead find a way through and seek help from online AP tutoring. If you’re still not sure why you should seek online tutoring for AP, then read further below. You will come across a few benefits of attaining online tutoring for your AP class/es.

Online Tutoring for Advanced Placement AP Classes

Benefits of Taking Online Tutoring for AP

1.     Helps You Grow Towards Academic Success

Many things can help you achieve academic success. Among these, the most important is working on your weak points and making them your strengths. Turning those weaknesses into strengths is not an easy task, but it is achievable. Online tutoring might help you do that by working on your weak spots.

Since these sessions are individual, the tutor is able to pay more attention to your weak links. By helping you with your weak points, they can help bring you up to speed. This also gives you space to make your basics stronger, which is something you can’t do in an AP class.

2.     Boosts Confidence and Self-Esteem

Taking AP classes along with your standard high school courses can get a bit de-motivating when you have so much on your plate and are unable to understand everything. Online tutoring gives you the freedom to be yourself and ask as many questions as you like.

Once you notice the tutor’s guidance is of good use, you will automatically feel a sense of confidence and self-esteem. This will remind you that there is nothing you cannot do. All you have to do is put in a bit of time and effort. In this case, your efforts go towards paying attention to online AP tutoring. The right teacher will also praise you for getting the right answer, allowing you to feel good about what you’re learning.

3.     Less Distractions

If distractions in class can easily get to you, then online tutoring is the perfect way to tackle that issue. In an online AP tutoring session, the tutor gives their full attention to you. Hence, you have to stay alert to what they’re saying and teaching you. You don’t have anyone else around you to talk to or to distract you in your AP classes. The time with your online tutor gives you the freedom to study in a private and comfortable setting.

Online Tutoring tutors - AP Advanced Placement Classes

4.     Focuses on Your Weak Spots

Everyone has some weak spots or the other, and there is no reason why that should bother you. Instead of hiding it, you should attain help, especially if you’re facing your AP classes’ issues. While you gain most of the learning from your AP classes, your online tutor will help you focus solely on your weak spots.

So if something is not working out during your actual AP classes, you can ask your online tutor. This helps motivate you and not feel bad about failing to understand something in class. In the back of your mind, you have the assurance that you will get better help from your tutor. Therefore, you don’t have to stress yourself out if you don’t understand something.

5.     Encourages Instant Connection

With online tutoring, you can gain instant help anywhere by getting in touch with your tutor through social media. You don’t have to worry about staying back in school or dealing with the nervousness of asking your AP teacher. You can take most of your online tutoring from the comforts of your home, and this will make it more comfortable for you to study.

Online Tutoring for AP Classes: Consult King Education

Getting great scores in your AP class can do wonders for you when it’s time to attend college. There are a lot of benefits that AP credits  can get you. To successfully achieve that without stress, you may need to get some help from an experienced online tutor. Once you start taking online tutoring sessions, you will realize how helpful they are.

For the best online tutoring AP services, get in touch with King Education LLC. Don’t take any risks with your classes and ensure that you are getting the best results out of your education and investing in your future. 

Call or email us today for a free consultation: 

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Is Your Child Having Trouble in School? Try an Online Tutor.

Does your child need an online tutor? Many children struggle in school, and it rarely has anything to do with their lack of knowledge. Some kids have different ways of studying and require more attention. A classroom teacher may not be able to give that one to one attention to every student, and your child may require that. The best way to get your child help with school is by hiring an online tutor.

Online tutors are very common these days, especially due to the ongoing pandemic that closed down all schools. This has made it more difficult for children to concentrate and has increased online tutors’ demand. There are many reasons why you should get an online tutor for your child, and the outcome of this is always positive. To learn more about online tutors and how they can help your child in school, keep reading.

Best Online Tutor NYC

What Is An Online Tutor?

An online tutor is an individual who has the right qualifications and skills to teach a student whatever they are learning in school. Your child can communicate with their online tutor through any means of communication but will get most of their tutoring through video call applications like Zoom and Skype. To have a successful online tutoring journey, you have to make sure you have a stable internet connection to prevent internet disturbances in the middle of your tutoring classes.

Reasons To Get An Online Tutor For Your Child

1.     Easily Accessible

If your child struggles with their homework or needs instant guidance, they can get in touch with their online tutor. This will help them solve their problems instantly and work on the next. The best part is that you get instant updates from the tutor. And with a click of the green button on your screen, you can get through them.

You won’t have to wait the whole day to see your tutor in school and then ask them your questions. Therefore, online tutoring is fast and efficient.

2.     Learn at Their Own pace

Sometimes children learn at a slower pace than others. However, the last thing you would want is for your child to worry about their slower pace. If your child is slow, allow them to take their time when learning, and this is where an online tutor comes into play. With the guidance of an online tutor, your child won’t have to worry about rushing into their work. Online tutors are quite patient and allow children to take their time in understanding something or asking questions.

3.     Makes Your Child More Confident

Students who are weak in school often feel a lack of confidence and motivation. This feeling leads to many self-doubts, which is the last thing a student needs to get through school. With online tutoring, your child can work on their weakness individually and achieve help without fearing competition at that moment.

Online tutors help children to reach their goals by providing them with information through the right teaching methods. Once your child achieves their goal and finally understand something, this will make them feel better about themselves and encourage them to work harder.

4.     Provides a More Comfortable Environment

Sometimes your child may feel too pressured in a classroom environment, especially with all the competition around them. Online tutoring provides a safe and stress-free environment where your child can fully concentrate on learning without any distractions.

Top NYC Online Tutor & Tutoring

Learning within the comfort of their home is the most relaxing thing for a child. More importantly, the best part is that only they will get the tutor’s attention. Therefore, your child doesn’t have to worry about not being heard or giving the wrong response. Tutors look for wrong answers so that they can help their students out instantly.

5.     More Access to Digitalized Programs

With so many changes going on in the world right now, digitized programs have made a big difference, especially for the education industry. In a few years’ time, your child may have to face different digital programs. By seeking online tutoring right now, you will get them more comfortable with more digital forms of learning in the future. Plus, your child may enjoy studying online as these days, kids are more obsessed with using electronics than toys.

Getting an Online Tutor for Your Child: Bottom-Line

No matter what subject your child is struggling with in school, online tutors will help eliminate their struggles and only make them stronger. This is the age where your child must maintain their confidence. The best way to achieve that is by getting them someone who will understand their academic problems and help resolve them.

For the best professional online tutors for any subject, get in touch with King Education LLC and find the right academic help for your child.


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How Does Small Group K-12 Instruction Work?

Small group K-12 instruction is a learning strategy that helps strengthen students’ academic foundations.  Many students deal with learning deficits that remain unattended. Meanwhile, some join the school after a long gap, which keeps them behind. Small instruction groups help facilitate these kids and provide them with effective one-on-one learning that can help them catch up with the rest of their mates in school.

Small group instruction is common in many schools for K-12 and helps eliminate different learning issues children struggle with within a full classroom. If you think that your child can benefit from small group instruction or want to learn more about this method, read on.

How does small group k-12 instruction work?

Small Group K-12 Instruction

Small group instruction is a program for special-needs kids who struggle to learn in a normal class environment. It also assists students who may have missed out on a few school years, as well as children belonging to low-income neighborhoods. These groups usually consist of students of two or six who receive direct instructions.  Conveying instructions in small groups helps students grow comfortable in the learning environment. At the same time, it gives them the space to ask questions without having to think a million times about it before they do.

Through these groups, also known sometimes as learning pods, teachers are able to assess a student’s coping and instructional skills. Using that data, they can create instructions and a program according to the child’s needs and capabilities.  Teachers use standardized assessment, data monitoring, and formative data assessment to identify a student’s learning disabilities and the way they grasp things in a classroom. Teachers use unique learning methods to tackle different issues students face. These measures include:

  • Supplemental aids
  • Reading supports
  • Graphic organizers
  • Learning through technology
  • Visuals
  • Manipulatives

Subjects that receive more importance include math and reading. These are the most common subjects that students struggle with. Using effective measures, teachers try to train small group instruction students within a week and get them back on track with the whole class.

How Does it Work?

There is a lot of strategic implementation involved for small group instruction to work. Teachers play an essential role in organizing and managing, which at times can get a bit hectic. At the same time, they also have to handle kids in the classroom. The first thing teachers do is assess what all they will carry out during the instructional period. This mostly consists of jotting down lesson plans using visuals, graphics, and technology.

After every lesson, teachers track every student’s progress using anecdotal notes. They also plan for the following week, which will concentrate on the issue majority of students struggle with. The teacher pays more attention to the student than usual in small group instruction.

Even break times are essential. Suppose the teacher feels like a certain student isn’t comfortable with a particular strategy. In that case, he/she will create another way to instruct the student, helping them understand better.

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Benefits of Small Group Instruction

1.     Achieve Constant Feedback

In a small group of students, it’s easier for a teacher to give constant feedback regarding one student and monitor them daily. This feedback is an essential part of growth and improvement. This way, the teacher will know specific areas where students need more attention.

2.     Encourages Participation

Students might feel more comfortable participating in a smaller group, which is a good way to boost their confidence. Small group instruction makes room for plenty of group activities. This helps kids work as a team. It’s also a good way to prepare them to work in bigger groups when they return back to class. This encourages kids to start thinking beyond their information in order to reach a particular goal.

3.     Individual Instructions

Teachers provide tailored instructions to each student. Helping them learn at their own space, but at the same time, increasing their speed as well. For subjects like math, the teacher breaks down instructions, taking time to teach each stage to students. Instead of teaching in one go, the teachers break down each subject and teach the students step by step, helping them grasp better.

Small Group K-12 Instruction: Final Words

Small group instruction may seem like an easy thing as it involves teaching fewer students, but it’s tougher to handle than a classroom full of 20 students or more. Small group instruction offers a more detailed and simpler way of instructing. Hence, it may get a bit more challenging for the teacher and takes up more time.

If you feel like small group instruction is what your child needs to cope with lost time in school or improve their grasping skills, contact At King, we offer students the choice to be a part of the small group K-12 instruction that will surely help them catch up with their peers academically.


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GMAT & GRE Standardized Test Prep

Do you need GMAT & GRE standardized test prep? It can get nerve-wracking when preparing for standardized tests or even the thought of giving them. However, there is no running away from them, especially if you want to secure admission for a master or MBA program at a prestigious business school. It does get a bit confusing when it comes to making a decision on what test to sit for. After all, both GMAT and GRE help get you into a good business school, but have a different testing pattern.

Before deciding what test to take, you must check with your university on what they prefer and the score required seeking admission. It’s not easy maintaining a score for either of these tests. Nevertheless, it’s not difficult if you have the right preparation and guidance. You must learn about both these standardized tests and go for one that includes your strongest points. To learn more about the GMAT and GRE, read further below. Maybe then you will have a better idea of both these standardized tests and can eventually continue with your business school application.

Best GMAT & GRE Standardized Test Prep

Everything You Need To Know About the GMAT

The GMAT (Graduate Management Admissions Test) requires you to use your analytical and quantitative skills, making it perfect for a ‘mathlete,’ even though it does get challenging half-way. With the right prep and study plan, you can easily conquer all the challenges in the paper and achieve the perfect score. And when you have the perfect score your chances of getting into the best business schools increase dramatically.

The GMAT paper includes four sections, and you have to complete each of them. The sections are as follows:

  • Analytical Writing Assessment
  • Integrated Reasoning
  • Quantitative
  • Verbal

The Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) section includes an essay. The essay requires you to analyze an argument and concludes with a critique of that specific argument. You will have around 30 minutes to complete this essay, but remember you cannot put your own opinions or views when it comes to talking about the argument.

You will have to work with graphics, texts, and numbers in the integrated reasoning section, putting your quantitative skills to use.  Using the information presented from the graphs and numbers, you have to organize the necessary information to solve different problems. You may find this part a bit difficult, and it’s also the newest, but there is nothing you can’t get past in this test with the right prep!

The quantitative section calls for awakening your mathematical skills. In this section, you must solve quantitative problems and interpret graphic data. This section requires the use of basic math, so you will have to develop a strong math base to get past data-sufficiency and problem-solving successfully.

Finally, the verbal section comprises three multiple-choice questions that test your reading skills, sentence formation, and critical thinking. This section requires you to comprehend the given written section and use it to perform proper Reasoning and evaluative arguments.

Best GMAT & GRE Standardized Test Prep 2021

You have a total of 3.5 hours to complete the paper on a computer, and the scoring range is from 200-800 using 10 point increments. GMAT scores stay valid for 5 years, so you must apply to your desired business school before the score expires.  Preparing for the test requires practicing tons of tests as this will show you your weak points and what you need more help in. There are many GMAT test-prep courses available, and you will have to start at least three to six months before the test.

Everything You Need to Know About the GRE

The GRE (Graduate Record Examination) is another test required for business schools and comprises of multiple-choice questions. Different graduate business schools use these scores and other academic results to test your compatibility for graduate business school. This test comprises different math-related problems, along with college-level vocabulary. You have to use a lot of analytical thinking and evaluation to solve different math problems.  The GRE includes there sections as follows:

  1. Analytical Writing ( Analytical writing skills and critical Reasoning)
  2. Verbal Reasoning (analyzing and evaluating given material)
  3. Quantitative Reasoning (based on algebra, data analysis, geometry, and arithmetic concepts)

You will have to perform the test on the computer in 3.75 hours. Some regions offer paper adaptive GRE with duration of 3.5 hours. The scoring ranges from 130 to 170 and these scores are valid for five years.

Final Words

Applying for a master’s or MBA program can get a bit frustrating as there is a lot to consider, and it may get worse when you find out you have to give the GMAT or GRE. You obviously can’t skip the testing if you plan not to attend business school.

You can easily get through the test you choose and achieve your goal score with the right assistance from King Education LLC. So get in touch with us ASAP, and we’ll guide you on your GMAT/GRE prep.


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Best Online K-12 Tutoring

Online K-12 tutoring is the new way of learning, especially now that schools and colleges have asked their students to continue studying online till the pandemic situation gets better. Online tutoring is one of the most effective ways you can get help with a subject you’re struggling with. This type of tutoring is more than a trend in the United States, and most of the schools in this area support online courses for K-12 students.

You will come across many online k-12 tutoring platforms, but it’s essential you choose the best one for your child. Sometimes, it can get a bit confusing when you have to choose one, but make sure your child is comfortable with it. To help you figure out the best online K-12 tutoring, read on.

Best Online K-12 Tutoring Co NYC

How to Choose the Best Online K-12 Tutoring

There are a few things you must look for in an online tutor to know they’re the right choice. You can evaluate a few factors to see if they can teach your child well or not. Mentioned below are a few things you must do to pick out the best online K-12 tutor

1.     Run a Background Check

You will come across many k-12 online tutors who have a good profile, but it’s necessary to carry out a background check on them before taking this forward. You can check for online reviews or ask people around you who may have used that specific online tutor platform. Do this on a few online tutoring platforms so that you can easily shortlist the best one looking at the reviews. Background checks will also help tell you how much experience the online tutoring platform has and will give you a slight idea of whether they’re the best one for your child.

2.     Check How Digitized They Are

As eLearning has made an impressive appearance in the last few years, there is a lot of competition involving platforms that use the best and latest tech tools. Since you will use your computer screens to receive online tutoring, make sure that the online tutors you opt for have advanced their tech use. Such companies need to rely on programs and methods that make it feasible for your child to study online without complicating it.

3.     Compare Costs

You will come across different fee structures for online K-12 tutors. Don’t make the mistake of going for the first one you come across. Online tutoring can be quite expensive, especially as there is a growing demand for it now. The best thing to do is find out the different prices is of various online tutoring platforms and compare them with each other. The best thing to compare the cost with is quality as the last thing you need is paying a high tuition fee, only to receive poor services in the end. So save the loss and start researching.

4.     Check Their Experience

There is a lot of competition in the online tutoring industry, and not many have successfully built through it. An online tutoring company that has stood firm from the beginning and is in more demand is a good quality to take into account. You have to check the number of students that have received online tutoring from that specific company. The more demand for a specific online tutoring platform, the more reason you have to consider them as reliability and survival are key characteristics to look for.

5.     Tutors Available

You must keep a lookout for the experience and quality of the tutors present in a specific online tutoring platform. The tutors are the main anchors that will help you out; hence you don’t want to choose the wrong platform that may have a good profile but not qualitative tutors. To know the tutors are of quality, you must check the experience and ask students who have studied under them. You can always ask to see their experience and qualifications before settling in with a specific online tutoring platform.

Top Online K-12 Tutoring & Tutors

Best Online K-12 Tutoring

Mentioned below are a few good online K-12 tutoring platforms:

Final Thoughts

With the help of these pointers mentioned below, you can now choose the best online K-12 tutor without making a mistake in choosing the wrong one. Make sure to take your time in settling on one, as being in a hurry might not help in choosing the right one. If you want to want to achieve high-quality K-12 tutoring in any subject, then you must get in touch with King Education LLC, and they will give you the consultation regarding tutoring.

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Educational Consulting: What Is It & Do You Need It?

Educational consulting is when a group of professionals help pave the way for students and their parents in terms of educational goals and career life. It can be overwhelming to decide on what school or college you should attend. Not to mention, considering other prospects, such as finances, can get quite frustrating, especially when you don’t have the right info.

Choosing the wrong college or paying a higher fee for something you don’t want to study is very common, but it’s something you should avoid. To prevent this from happening, you should acquire help from an educational consultant. You may feel like you don’t need one, but once you start talking to them about your future educational plans, you’ll be more surprised about the new paths they can offer guidance on.

Educational Consulting NYC

What is Educational Consulting?

Educational consulting consists of a group of educational consultants that helps students plan their educational future. They counsel you according to new advancements and practices in the field of education. Before they offer potential plans, they will first get to know what you want to achieve in the educational field and what your goals are after graduating. Keeping all of this in mind, your educational consultant will then help draft your educational plan.

Educational consulting is a very broad field. Hence, you can get access to different services. Some of the most common services these consultancies offer include admission in schools and colleges, career counseling, counseling in studying abroad, course advisory, and financial planning. Different educational consultancies offer some of these services or all. Before choosing which consultancy to attend, you must check if they have the required services.

An educational consultant is helpful if you mess up a step or procedure during your educational path. They help give solutions for all your educational problems and also offer students training programs so that they are well-trained when they enter the highly competitive world.

Educational Consulting: Why You May Need It

At some point in life, halfway through your education, you will need a little bit of guidance and professional advice as to what path to take. You may have already decided your path, but the journey can get a bit tough, and make it a bit easier and more organized; an educational consultant will help you do that. Mentioned below are some of the reasons why you may require educational consultancy and how it will benefit you.

1.     Guidance in Choosing the Right Course

You will have to make a decision on what you want to study in the future and excel in that, paving your career path. It can get quite confusing when choosing one course, especially when you’re not sure what you really want to do. An educational consultant will help you explore different options according to your preferences.

Top Educational Consulting & Consultants Co NYC

At the same time, they will also recommend good universities and colleges that excel in the fields you’re interested in. Educational consultancies have plenty of information regarding different universities and are well aware of their admission and interview process. This will help you get into the right university, ensuring a smooth admissions process.

2.     Explore Your Skills and Characteristics

If you’re still not aware of all your capabilities and hidden skills, an educational consultant will help you recognize them by analyzing your personality. You will have to talk about your different interests and dislikes that will help them analyze you correctly. By doing so, they will give you educational advice based on your personality and interests, putting you on the right academic path.

3.     Acquire Career Counseling

Unlike some, many people struggle to choose a career path, and this can get very frustrating. To get everything in perspective, you can seek career consultancy from an educational consultant. They will advise you on a few good career paths according to your potential.

4.     Advice on Financing Future Studies

Financing education is one of the biggest issues you may face, as higher education puts a heavy load on the pockets. An educational consultant will help resolve your financial concerns and provide you with an alternative that limits your financial burdens. They will also offer different scholarships based on your academic growth.

5.     Preparing For Exams

There are a few exams that you need to ace but are excessively difficult. It’s normal to stress out during your examinations but to lessen the stress, you can seek guidance from an educational consultant. They will guide you as to how you can prepare for your exams and may provide you with the necessary study material.

Educational Consulting: Takeaway

Educational Consulting is just what you need to get your future organized, including your academic and career life. If you want to achieve the best professional educational consulting services, then you must seek that from King Education LLC.

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Advanced Classes: Do you Need AP Tutoring?

Do you need advanced classes AP tutoring? AP (Advanced Placement) course is an option that all high school students have. It gives them an opportunity to earn college credits while they’re still attending high school. Registrations for this course usually begin in the fall; hence, you have to decide whether or not you should consider the AP curriculum. The College Board administers AP courses, so if you complete an AP course and give the exam, the exam credits go into your college placement.

There are around 34 subjects offered for AP, from psychology to art; you have it all. You will have to consider a lot before making your decision. But if you’re worried about not doing well, you can seek AP tutoring, and the courses are quite easy to get through with the right guidance.  To learn more about advanced classes and if you require AP tutoring, read further below.

Advanced Classes AP Tutoring

Reasons You May Need Advanced Classes AP Tutoring

To Achieve a Scholarship

AP courses may help you get a scholarship for your dream school; however, it is not easy getting one.  There is a lot of effort you will have to put in, and maybe you could achieve that extra help and guidance from an AP tutor. Extra study hours with your AP tutor might help overcome your week points, and you will get one-on-one attention.

Struggling with School

If you’re struggling in the classroom but still want to sit for an AP course, that’s not an issue. Many students who think they’re weak avoid opting for AP courses. Instead, you can challenge yourself and get through your AP courses and exam with some extra guidance from a tutor. Your tutor will help you balance your AP courses along with everything going on in your other subjects.

Achieve College Credit

The main point of taking an AP course is to achieve college credit, but not every student is able to get through these AP courses. You have to earn a score higher than 3 to achieve course credits, and the score varies in different schools. To successfully achieve your college credits, it’s best to get an AP tutor. While handling other things, you might not be giving the right attention to your AP courses; hence this is where your AP tutor comes in. This way, you can overcome all the other issues you’re facing in your AP classes in school, and your tutor could give your more attention in individual sections.

Why You Should Opt For AP Courses

AP courses are very beneficial; they help you achieve college credit while you’re in high school. They also make you more competitive and help eliminate your academic struggles. Mentioned below are a few reasons why taking AP courses is a good decision:

·       Prepare you For College

You’re probably always stressing about College because let’s face it, college is hard, and it is much tougher than school. By taking an AP course, you can develop your writing and critical thinking skills, which are something you will need for all your college courses and examinations.

·       Graduate College Early

If you take AP courses in high school and earn credits, then you’re most likely to graduate college within four years instead of more. This will save you a lot of time and money, as College is quite expensive.

·       Higher Chances of Admission

Sometimes it’s difficult to secure your admission at a particular college due to thriving completion.  Colleges give more priority to students with AP credits; if you do well, that is.  Hence, you won’t have to worry much about not getting into college with the right AP credit score along with your recent school record.

AP Advanced Classes -Best Tutoring NYC

·       Achieve College Credit

Earning college credit is one of the biggest reasons why you should join an AP course. By achieving the right, AP scores you can achieve college credits and secure a higher chance of getting into the best College. The score varies in different high schools, so check the desired score with your school before you start preparing for your AP courses.

·       Makes You More Challenging

Life is full of struggles and challenges, and AP courses help make you more intellectual and challenging. These traits are very important for your daily life, especially during College. You will also learn your strengths and weaknesses this way, helping you work on them before you graduate high school.

Advanced Classes AP Tutoring: Conclusion

If you’ve made up your mind to join an AP course, it’s best to hire an AP tutor as they will help give you that extra attention and help you in your weak areas. This way you can also practice better for the test. AP tutors have a lot of knowledge on what to expect in the exam and prepare you according to that.

For the best AP tutors, get in touch with King Education LLC and achieve the perfect AP score.


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Academic K-12 Subject Tutoring

Tutoring is a common means of offering extra help in school. At some point or the other, every student struggles with a subject in a particular grade. It’s important that they get extra assistance before they fall behind other classmates. Academic subject tutoring is great way to provide extra guidance that helps students get back on track with the whole class. Many schools offer tutoring services to students after class so that they can learn in the school environment.

This type of tutoring involves providing one-on-one attention and guidance in a particular subject. The tutor gives different tasks that help the student overcome specific issues they encounter in a subject.  When in a class full of students, kids may feel ashamed to tell or ask for extra help as they’re scared that the others may call them “dumb,” or the teacher may perceive them as “weak” students. On the contrary, it’s the opposite. A student seeking extra help shows dedication towards academic improvement and getting better instead of giving up, which is very easy to do. To learn more about academic K-12 subject training, read further below.

Academic K-12 Subject Tutoring

What is Academic K-12 Subject Tutoring?

Academic subject tutoring is a customized academic journey for different students who struggle with classroom curriculums. To help students, academic subject tutoring involves one on one setting between the tutor and the students within the school premises. This allows them to learn in an organized manner.

From subjects like English and history to math, students can get tutoring in all subjects. Considering the current situation due to the pandemic, you can also opt for online subject tutoring to help your child learn from the comfort of home. You will get weekly tutoring, depending on how much help you need and the number of subjects you need help in

Benefits of Seeking Academic Subject Tutoring?

1.     Teaches Control

Sometimes, it’s hard to understand the concept of control during your early school days, and you gradually learn that as you give assessments. Tutoring helps in achieving self-control when understanding something and applying it in your daily schoolwork or examinations. Control is an important trait that comes in handy when making other decisions in the outside world that don’t involve academics.

2.     Customized Teaching

You receive tailored teaching, which can help kids catch up in the classroom later on. Tutors customize instructions for you according to your pace and skill. This is why it becomes easier to understand something you didn’t get in the classroom. This also makes kids less nervous to ask or answer questions, as the questions only direct to you.

3.     Makes You More Confident

As you achieve skills through tutoring, you become more confident when it comes to answering questions in front of the class. Tutoring helps create a safe place where no one will judge you, even if you give the wrong answer. Continually practicing to say the right answer every time will help you do well in school and boost your self-esteem.

4.     Good for College Preparation

Going to college can sound a bit never-wrecking, but you can easily get an acceptance with the help of tutoring. Here, it trains you to manage your skills and draw out study plans. You also achieve a sense of studying individual as students have to do this a lot in college.

5.     Receive Proper Attention

In classrooms, it’s hard for the teacher to give every student individual attention. This makes tutoring the perfect place to achieve that one-on-one attention. This way, the tutor can adjust to your way of studying and tailor instructions according to the students coping methods.  One-on-one attention also puts you a bit at ease when asking a question related to a particular field of study. For some students, the task of asking questions can be anxiety-inducing. Nevertheless, tutoring gives you the time to grow comfortable with the instructor so you can easily ask them for something.

6.     Improvement in Academic Performance

The main point of receiving tutoring is to improve your skills in class and as well in exams. Trying surely does help you achieve that with the right set of concentration. Tutors put in a lot of effort when explaining even the simplest or smallest detail. Not to mention, they’re willing to do it a million times until you get it right. But besides improving your academic performance, subject tutoring uplifts your self-confidence.

Best Academic K-12 Subject Tutoring NYC

Academic K-12 Subject Tutoring: Takeaway

If you feel like your child struggles with a particular field in school or has issues concentrating, the best way to get rid of these issues is via academic K-12 subject tutoring. At King Education, we provide students with skilled tutors possessing the right qualifications to help a child struggling academically. If your child is facing a similar situation, book a free consultation with us to get detailed answers to your queries.

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The Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) & Preparation

The Scholastic Aptitude Test or SAT is an essential test for students who are ready to get into a good college. To get ready for the test, you need to work hard and spend a lot of time preparing. By excelling in the SAT, you are ensuring that you are ready to achieve further success in life. King Education helps you gain essential knowledge and learn skills to know the test, practice it in smart ways, and approach it with the right strategy on test day.

Scholastic Aptitude Test SAT

Overview of The Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT)

The Scholastic Aptitude Test is conducted seven times a year, depending on the region. In most countries, this test is performed at least five times each year. The cost of registration for the test starts from $52.50 to $101.50, depending on the country. In 2019, more than 2.2 million students appeared to take the SATs around the world. Here is some important information you need about the test:

  • This paper-pencil test is three hours long.
  • It contains four sections – Writing and Language, Reading, and Mathematics (without a calculator) & Mathematics (with the calculator)
  • There is an optional fifth section of essay writing, which is required by some colleges.
  • The score range for the overall test is between 400 and 1600.

Preparing for the SAT

Thinking about the test and performing well can be overwhelming for students. But the test isn’t that hard if you spend some time preparing for it. Here are some simple techniques and guidelines that can be effective for getting a good score in your SATs.

  • In order to get the most out of this test, you need to start studying at the right time. The ideal time to start studying for the SAT exam is four months prior to the test.
  • SAT includes a verbal section with questions that require reading comprehension and dictation skills. If you want to attempt all the answers correctly, read novels, newspapers, and watch English movies. If you are unfamiliar with a word, you must check it in the dictionary immediately.
  • Learn new words and try to utilize those words in everyday conversation. This way, you will remember their meaning.
  • Make notes of every word that you learn; including the meanings in a diary that you can carry easily everywhere you go. This way, you can scan the pages when you get time. Moreover, make sentences with those words so you can comprehend the usage better.
  • Learning groups of words is a good idea, and it saves you time. Learn root meanings, prefixes, and suffixes. For instance, the meaning of prefix “ex” is away or out. Now write down the words that are similar, such as extinct, exit, exterior, extrapolate, or extrinsic. This way, you can easily understand the meaning of the words that are inter-linked.
  • Polishing your writing skills is also essential for the writing section. Keep a journal and write whatever you think of. This way, you get to come up with new writing ideas.
  • Purchase a logic puzzle book from the bookstore and practice those puzzles every day. Logic puzzles are also crucial for your SAT exam. SAT is designed to test the logical reasoning skills of the candidate.

Start studying the previous test papers. This way, you can practice the patterns and directions of the test. You do not want to waste your time understanding the format of the test during the exam. Once the exam has started, every minute counts.

Best SAT Tutor | Scholastic Aptitude Test


King Education is a New York based tutoring service that helps students with their SATs through one-on-one online sessions. We also provide learning solutions to students interested in ISEE, SHSAT, ACT, GRE or GMAT, and more.

Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

All About Foreign Language Tutoring & Instruction

Are you looking for the best foreign language tutoring and instruction? You don’t have to go to foreign language learning institutes anymore, as you can achieve your goals online in your country at your home. Online tutoring is the best solution for many students who cannot travel due to budget restraints or other reasons.

But this may be new for most of us. It is in our nature to ask questions about things that we are not familiar with. So here are some details that can clear up any doubts that you may have about online language tutoring.

Best Online Foreign Language Tutoring 2020-2021

Reasons For Online Language Tutoring

Before choosing the right online tutor for learning a new language, you should consider why you need one. Perhaps, you want to save time on traveling or the cost associated with enrolling yourself in a language institute. Not to mention, online tutoring is flexible and easily adjusts in your existing schedule, whereas on-premise classes do not offer the same level of flexibility with timings. Last but not least, learning a language online means you can have a teacher who speaks the language you want to learn natively.

Let’s take a look at two of the main advantages of online foreign language tutoring and then talk about how you can identify the best tutor.

1.    No Regional Boundaries

With online, you can join your tutor anywhere from the world with just the availability of the internet. This means that you do not have to worry about traveling to your class, and you will be saving a lot of your valuable time. Joining your class whenever you and your tutor are ready with just a few clicks on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone is hassle-free and convenient.

2.    No Unnecessary Costs

Learning a language online can save you a lot in terms of money? You can join tutors that are significantly cheaper online. When you go to a location to learn the language, you have to pay your fees based on the recognition of the institute and its location. When joining online classes, all such costs are non-existent.

Not only that, but many countries also have a lower cost of living, which translates to online teachers charging a small fee for their services. You should also know that most of tehse tutors already have other jobs, but they love to teach. They usually charge less, as they do not teach for their livelihood. So online tutoring can save you time and cost, which you can then dedicate to doing other important things in life.

Identifying the Best Online Language Tutor

The Internet is a hub for fake deals and scams. If you are doubtful about a particular tutor, just look for a different one. And here is how you will identify the best one.

Top Foreign Language Tutoring | King Education LLC

1.    Flexibility

The first thing that you need to consider is how capable and willing your tutor is to fulfill your changing needs. If you are a beginner, you won’t think these factors as vital because you need to start from the basics. The fundamentals are easy to teach, but as your level rises, you need a tutor who is capable of constructing an easily understandable course.

A good tutor should understand and analyze your weak points and focus on them. What most tutors do is they repeat the same sections of a language again and again, even if you are an expert in that section. That is a waste of time and money. Your tutor should adjust according to you, not the other way around.

2.    Interaction

Interaction is significant for learning any language, which some online tutors fail to accomplish. Peroper Proper interaction motivates the student, clears up all the confusion, and affects the language skill drastically. Interaction involves role-playing and acting in the situation so that students can handle those situations easily. For instance, creating a situation of a hospital wherein the student has to communicate with the information counter or a doctor can significantly improve the learning of the student.

3.    Resource knowledge

Another main part of learning a foreign language is the right resource. If you are an advanced student, you can figure out which resource is helpful and which is not, but a beginner cannot tell which resource will lead him/her to excellent results. This task is easy, relevant, and straightforward for the tutor. Therefore, look for a tutor who can provide you with lots of resources to help you learn even when you are not attending the class.


If you are looking for the best online foreign language tutor, visit us at to schedule a consultation or call us at (917) 768-6151. At King Education, our expert tutors will make sure that you achieve your goal of learning a new foreign language as soon as possible.

GMAT or GRE Test Preparation

When applying to an MBA or Master’s Program, you are required to take GMAT or GRE. GMAT is essential for business schools, while GRE is necessary for general Master’s programs. However, several business schools are also accepting GRE scores for admission.

GMAT and GRE both have complex sets of questions. Both types of tests determine your analytical skills, critical skills, math skills, and verbal reasoning skills. It is crucial for you to master all these skills to get high scores in these tests.

King Education provides premium online preparation for GMAT and GRE. Our tutors have the experience and training to fully prepare you for GMAT and GRE.

GMAT or GRE Test Preparation: Test Structure

GRE and GMAT both have similar testing structures but with a few noticeable differences. Both feature the following sections:

  • Analytical Writing

The analytical writing section requires you to analyze the reasoning for a given argument. You are also expected to write a critique of that argument. This section measures the candidate’s critical thinking, ability to communicate your ideas and also English writing skills.

Best GMAT GRE Online Test Preparation NYC NY CT NJ 2020-2021

The requirements and scoring of this section in GRE and GMAT are very similar. However, the duration of this section differs in both the tests. The GRE contains a 60-minute analytical writing section. There are two essays in this section, each of which requires 30 minutes to finish.  In the GMAT, this section has one essay for 30 minutes.

  • Verbal Reasoning

This section measures your ability to read and comprehend the provided material. Through this section, the examiner measures how well the candidate can reason, evaluate, and correct certain information.

The verbal reasoning section of GMAT consists of 36 multiple-choice questions to complete in 65 minutes. For GRE, The time duration of this section is 60 minutes.

There are three types of questions in this section. These sections are reading comprehension, text completion, and sentence correction. There is no need for specialized knowledge of a particular subject for this section.

The reading comprehension requires you to answer a handful of questions from the given text. This portion tests the ability to answer questions based on reading skills and critical study skills. The material of the text can be from a variety of fields such as science, technology, history, literature, etc.

Text completion simply requires you to select correct words or phrases to complete a sentence.

For GRE, there is a sub-section of sentence equivalence instead of sentence correction. This includes questions that ask you to select the two closely related sentences.

  • Quantitative Reasoning

The quantitative reasoning in GRE and GMAT tests your quantitative skills. There are usually four types of questions in this portion. Here the examiner tests the graph interpretation, table analysis, two-part analysis, and multi-source reasoning. Each type of question is set to determine how well you can interpret and analyze data to solve complex problems.

You have to interpret information present in the graphs, texts, and numbers.  They need to combine information from multiple sources to solve problems. Many of these problems have several parts. You need to answer every part of the question to gain a high score.

In the GRE, there are two 35-minute sections. On the other hand, there is one 62-minute long section of quantitative reasoning in GMAT.

GMAT or GRE Test Preparation: Other Differences

By now, you must know how similar and different the patterns of GRE and GMAT are. There are also a few other differences between the tests.

Test Format

Both GMAT and GRE are computer-adaptive tests. Only GRE offers a paper version in places where a computer delivering the test isn’t available.

The Scoring of Test

For GRE, the verbal and quantitative sections score from 130 to 170 points. There is a 1-point increment on each scoring point.

GMAT measures the overall score, which ranges from 200 to 800. There is a 10-point increment on each scoring point.

Testing Time

There is not much difference in the testing time of GRE and GMAT. The total time duration of GMAT and GRE is 3.75 hours and 3.5 hours, respectively.


Both GMAT and GRE are valid for five years.

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SAT 1 & SAT 2 Subject Tests

SAT 1 and SAT 2 subject tests are standardized tests for college admissions, but have different scope. SAT 1 measures your ability to read and understand complex passages. It also checks your ability to use proper grammar skills. Most importantly, SAT 1 tests your math and critical solving skills.

Unlike SAT 1, SAT 2 tests your understanding and ability in a specific subject. There are around 20 SAT subject tests ranging from Biology and Literature to Chinese and Learning to World History.

SAT 1 SAT 2 Subject Tests

The SAT 1 is necessary for applying to any undergraduate program in the US. On the other hand, students will only need an SAT 2 to apply to competitive schools. Also, SAT 2 is the standard when applying for a major at college.

SAT 1 SAT 2 Test Preparation: Get the Best Tutors

SAT Subject Tests are very different from SAT 1. You need to focus on a particular subject rather than the exam structure. You must have a complete understanding and the necessary knowledge of that subject.

Scoring high in SAT 2 ensures that you get admission in the desired college. Most importantly, with top SAT 2 scores, you can easily get a scholarship. This way, you don’t have to finance your education entirely, lifting the burden off your shoulders.

Many students benefit from the use of expert tutors. They have additional insight into ways to increase general scores and should be considered when planning a study strategy.

Which SAT Subject Test to Take?

Before you begin preparing for the SAT 2, you have to decide which subject tests you should take. The College Board provides 20 different SAT Subject Tests in five major fields. Here is a complete list of all the SAT Subject Tests.


  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology


  • Mathematics level 1
  • Mathematics level 2


  • English Literature 


  • US History
  • World History


  • French
  • French with Listening
  • Modern Hebrew
  • Spanish
  • Spanish with Listening
  • Chinese
  • Chinese with Listening
  • Italian
  • German
  • German with Listening
  • Japanese with Listening
  • Korean with Listening

Scoring in the SAT 2 Subject Test

If your SAT 2 date is near, register with King Education. Before you start preparing, it’s important that you understand how the scoring of tests works.

Total Score

The scores for SAT 2 range from 200 to 800. After you take your test, you get a raw score based on the total number of questions you attempt. There is a negative marking of a quarter of a point for every wrong answer. The examiner then converts your raw score to a scaled score of 200-800.  Each test has its specific conversion scale to award scores.

Subscore for language Tests

If you take the audio portion of the SAT Language Test, you get sub-scores for listening and reading. Subscores are only for language tests. The examiner records the subscores on a scale of 20-80.

Percentile Rank

Other than your score, your percentile rank is also very important for admission. The percentile compares the test score of every candidate who took the same Subject Test. The candidates are simply ranked on how much they scored.

A percentile rank of 70 would mean that you scored higher than 70% of other students. Your rank is crucial to assess how competitive your score is with that of other students.

What is a Good SAT Subject Test Score?

What score is good for your SAT 2 test mainly depends on the college of your choice. A good score is what fits in the range of scores your school or college accepts. Most colleges are satisfied with scores of 650 or above.  But highly selective schools may not accept anything less than 700-750.

However, even if you score below the normal range, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t get in. Many colleges are often flexible in what they look at as a good score for a certain student.

Also, good scores vary from subject to subject. If you think that scoring 600 in Math 2 is as same as scoring 600 in History, then that’s not the case.  You never know you may get accepted in a college for a 600 score in History but not for Math. Again, the normal range of a score for each college matters, along with your percentile rank.

Scoring high in SAT subject tests is not easy. You will need coaching to ace the test. King Education LLC is a premier online academic coach that specializes in SAT preparation. We have highly experienced tutors for all subjects. Our tutors not only help you learn concepts but also assist with developing your skills for the test. We have years of experience with helping students ace their SAT 1 and SAT 2 with confidence.

Get in touch and start preparing with us for your upcoming SAT subject tests.

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Taking the SHSAT or ISEE Test? Prepare for Success!

Are you looking for information about SHSAT or ISEE test prep? If you are planning to apply to any private school, chances are you will be required to prepare and attempt either the ISEE (Independent School Entrance Examination) or the SHSAT (Specialized High School Admissions Test).Both of these tests are quite similar in many aspects, but they are still different in many ways. However, King Education Tutoring is willing to help you prepare for both these exams with confidence.

Best SHSAT ISEE ISEE Test Prep NYC 2020-2021

When it comes to choosing one test between ISEE and SHSAT, we advise you to choose wisely and carefully. Before deciding which test you should take, you must check with your preferred school because many schools have preferences and prefer one exam over the other. Some schools require you to pass the SHSAT or ISEE, and those schools will happily accept your application without any partiality. Other schools will require any one of the exams, and it depends on the school. Likewise, New York City prep schools prefer the ISEE, and other boarding schools require the SHSAT exam. However, in the last few years, a large number of private schools in New York City have now started accepting, both SHSAT and ISEE exams without any further preferences.

After enlisting the names of school that you are planning to apply to, contact each school to learn their policies and criteria. It is because some school websites might say that they accept both the exams, but when you reach out to them, you may find that they have only one preference.

SHSAT or ISEE Test Prep: Focus And Guidance Are Required

You and many other students are preparing to succeed, and before achieving, they are in confusion. Hence, your confusion when choosing which exam to take or which school will accept which exam, is valid, and is solvable. Therefore, King Education Virtual Academy can schedule a consultation for you with one of their experts today. These experts will help you make a decision, and they can also guide you more accurately.

After the consultation, you might be able to understand the critical differences between SHSAT and SSAT. Also, their guidance may help you understand your weaknesses and strengths. While searching more about both of these exams, you will see a few significant differences, but you will also see some similarities too.

Indeed, they both conduct tests for vocabulary, general mathematics, and, reading and comprehension, and they also feature similar types of questions. So, technically, if you prepare for one exam, it will be helpful for your other exam too. Thus, it is generally best for you to focus on any one exam appropriately, but just because both tests have similarities, it does not mean that you should attempt both.

What if you are preparing for both exams and schools are accepting both of them? That is why it is essential to make sure you are thoroughly prepared for at least one of them. If your desired school is willing to accept any test, there is no need to take both exams.

Retaking Tests

One of the major differences you must consider before making your selection is your level of testing, and also how many times you go through retakes. You can attempt ISEE exams once every six months, but with the SHSAT, there are no limits on the number of times you can take the SHSAT exam. You can give the ISEE exam once your application to a school is formally submitted. This leaves only one choice for you; either you give your exams at the end of the year or at the start of the application year.

Some of you have a make-or-break nature, and others have no problems with retakes. Therefore, ISEE can create a burden or anxiety in some of the applicants, and it can also happen to some students who are not vulnerable to testing anxiety.

However, you can overcome your anxiety by taking multiple tests and perform relieving anxiety exercises. You must consider retakes and other exam anxiety before submitting your application because your anxiety can affect your performance.

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Learning pods: A Supplement to Hybrid Learning

Learning Pods & Small Group Learning New YorkWhat are learning pods? Given the amount of uncertainty this fall, many families are seeking other options to support students in digital or hybrid learning. One option that has received a lot of attention is the use of a learning pod, which is a small group of students working together in the home. These students are usually connected through their neighborhoods, their parent networks, or their classmates, and they meet as a group with a private teacher or tutor. In addition to providing needed educational support, a pod can give students the opportunity to work collaboratively and engage with one another.

Many kids struggled with the sudden switch to remote learning in the spring. It can be harder to learn and stay focused when staring at your teacher through a computer screen. However, pods can provide the in-person teaching and social interaction that students need. A learning pod can also take some of the burden off parents who are worrying about their child’s education or lack of social connection.

If a learning pod is something your child might benefit from, reach out to neighbors or friends to see if they feel the same way. At King Education, our team of educators, many of whom are full-time, certified teachers working outside the classroom this fall, are committed to supporting families and students during this difficult time. If you or a friend is in need of educational support, whether for your child or for a small group of learners, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

This fall will undoubtedly present unique challenges for teachers, students, and parents alike. But with perseverance and creative solutions, we can still make this upcoming school year a successful one.

If you’d like more information on learning pods and small group or one-on-one personal instruction, contact us today:

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Tutoring & Online Prep For The SAT & GMAT

Need online tutoring and prep for the SAT or GMAT? The SAT and GMAT are standardized tests for admission in college and business school, respectively. Preparing for both these tests requires long study hours and develop writing and critical thinking skills. The admissions mainly depend upon the scores of these tests. So students with good grades also need to put immense effort into preparing for these tests.

Best SAT & GMAT Online Prep & Tutoring NYC

Paul King founded King Education in 2015. He started tutoring several students soon after he graduated from the University of Delaware. His passion for helping out students lead him to form premier academic coaching. With time, King Education expanded as many skilled tutors and college counselors joined in. Kings Education has worked with students and families across New York City and the country. King Education continues to serve students in helping them score higher and build a better future.

Comparing SAT and the GMAT

GMAT and SAT are very quite similar to each other yet very different as well. Both the tests have large portions dedicated to multiple-choice questions. You will find questions related to algebra, problem-solving, data analysis, and Add math in GMAT and SAT. Then there is essay and reading comprehension in the tests.

GMAT is much harder than the SAT. The questions in GMAT are very tricky, while the ones in the SAT are pretty straightforward.

Math Questions

Both the tests feature word problems, geometry, algebra, and number properties. The concepts of the GMAT math section are very similar to what you will find in the SAT. But the difficulty level of each question is a lot higher. For the SAT, you need to memorize all the formulas and rules. But for GMAT, you should have a better concept of numbers. For GMAT, your focus should be on creative problems skills.

Reading Comprehension

The relation between GMAT and SAT reading comprehension is the same as that of their math counterparts.  The basic skills required for this section are common for both the test. But GMAT obviously has a higher level. The difference mainly lies in the content of comprehension.

The comprehension passages in the SAT are more digestible than the ones in GMAT.  They mostly revolve around general knowledge, opinion pieces, and favor fiction. Comprehension texts in GMAT include content on science, technology, or even history. The questions are generally tricky and hard. You must learn to read between the lines to answer some of the questions in this section.

Sentence Correction

Both the tests will have some questions that will ask you to correct the sentences. Here, the trend continues as the sentence corrections in GMAT are trickier. Meanwhile, SAT grammar is relatively basic. Students don’t go into preparing for absolute phrases for SAT. But for GMAT, the distinction between right and wrong options for sentence correcting can be a bit frustrating.

Things You Will Find in GMAT But Not in the SAT

The structure and concepts of many questions are similar in the GMAT and SAT. But being on a higher level, GMAT has several questions that you won’t find in the SAT. You will require extra practice to excel in GMAT.

Critical Reasoning

For verbal critical reasoning, you have to read a short paragraph about a certain line of reasoning.  Next, you have to answer a question about the logic of the paragraph. The examiner can ask questions like how the content can be improved or what it was based upon.


Essays in SAT usually ask for your opinion. But the essays in GMAT clearly do not. You will have to analyze an argument for an essay in GMAT. The approach is a bit similar to what you employ when answering critical reasoning questions. The difference is that you have to present your argument in an open-answer format.

Top SAT & GMAT Online Prep Classes NYC

Integrated Reasoning

GMAT has a section of data interpretation. There are questions that include tables, charts, and graphs.  You will be asked to form conclusions based on the interpretation of the data. The SAT does not have a section like this.

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Academic Test Preparation Online

It is no secret that scoring high on academic tests or entrance exams is a crucial step towards better educational opportunities. Increasing your test scores gives you a positive outcome on your educational journey.

For incoming undergraduate students, having a high SAT or ACT score increases your chances of achieving a merit-based scholarship. This way, you get a discount on your tuition expenses; this reduces the burden on your financial condition. For graduate students, scoring higher in tests increases the chances of admissions in elite schools. Studying for a graduate degree at an elite school improves your chances of getting a better job after college.

Standard academic tests or entry-level exams require lots of hard work. Even students with good grades find it difficult to maintain their scores as they make their way to higher levels in their academics. Taking test preparation classes greatly helps in scoring high in all the subjects. King Education is popular for online academic test preparation. King Education helps many students all across the U.S. achieve high scores on all subjects and tests.


The founder of King Education, Paul King, is an experienced tutor who aims to help students from the comfort of their homes. After graduating from Delaware University in 2009, Paul King began tutoring students for the SAT and ACT exams. His passion for helping students led him to start King Education in 2015. In no time, King Education expanded with highly experienced tutors and college consultants.

Our Academic Test Preparation Services

We have online preparation services for all kinds of academic and entrance tests.  Struggling to score well in a particular subject and need extra help?  We have highly experienced tutors of all subjects. Need to get a top score on the SAT, GMAT, or GRE? We are here to help you.

* SAT, SAT II and  ACT Preparation

SAT and ACTA is a multiple-choice standardized test for college admissions in the U.S. However, this multiple-choice test is not easy, and even studying hard may not give you the desired results. Our highly experienced SAT tutors have all the tips and tricks which you don’t know. Our practice sessions will improve your SAT score so you can get admission to your desired universities.

You have to take SAT 1 to apply to any college or university. However, you may or may not need to give the SAT 2. Unlike SAT 1, SAT 2 is specialized for specific courses.

* GMAT and GRE Preparation

When applying to an MBA or Master’s Program, you are required to take GMAT or GRE. GMAT is essential for business schools, while GRE is necessary to enroll in a Master’s program. However, several business schools are also accepting GRE scores for admission.

The pattern for GMAT and GRE are similar. Both have sections for Analytical Writing, Integrated Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, and Verbal Reasoning. These tests are very tough and require excellent writing, analyzing, and reasoning skills. Our tutors are well versed in all the concepts, skills, and tricks that applicants need to know if they want to score high in GMAT and GRE.

 * SHSAT and ISEE Preparation

SSHAT is a Specialized High School Admission Test for elite public schools in New York City. ISSE is an Independent School Entrance Examination. It is necessary for admission to a private middle school and high school. The New York Department of Education administers both these tests.

Admission to New York’s elite schools is heavily dependent on SHSAT and ISSE. SHSAT and ISSE are highly specific test formats for specialized schools in NYC. Even if you have high grades, you can’t enter an elite school unless you score very high on the SHSAT or ISSE.

Call King Education Today for Online Test Preparation

If you think that getting admission to NYC’s elite schools is tough, then we can make it a little easier for you. We have highly specialized tutors to help you prepare for SHSAT and ISSE. Our specialized tutors can help you navigate through the unique test curriculum so that you can score well on the test and achieve our academic goals.

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The New Normal – Academic Testing & Learning Online

Is this the new normal – academic testing & learning online?

Why Choose Online Learning?

With online learning, you can fulfill your commitments, and continue your education. The biggest reason to choose to learn online is that you do not have to travel to your college or university anymore. You just need to turn on your computer and join the class from the comfort of your office or home.

Another reason for choosing online learning instead of traditional institutions is the expense. Many students fail to pursue a career of their choice as the courses they want are really expensive. With online courses, you can enroll yourself in a degree program of your choice without spending too much. Even corporate employers can use online courses to train their employees if they have low budgets.

Academic testing & Learning online 01

Many students are going for online learning rather than traditional colleges and universities to complete their degree programs because it is a better way to learn now. If you are interested in learning new skills and improving your understanding of a subject, you can opt for an online course. Here are some benefits of going online for academic testing and learning:

1.    You Get a Variety of Options for Courses and Programs

You can choose your field of interest from a variety of options to achieve a four-year degree in your chosen subject. These options are available in both universities and online colleges. This means that you can find any program or course that you like, from neuroscience to nursing and more.

2.    You can Lower your Educational Costs

With online programs, you will be paying a lesser amount than you do in traditional colleges. Not all degrees that you find on the internet are cheap. However, online colleges can save you a lot of associated expenses. For instance, you will be saving the cost of transportation and materials. You can also find textbooks online at a lower or no cost.

3.    You Can Choose Your Learning Environment

The commercials that feature online students taking classes in their pajamas are trying to imply the comfort of this method of education. You do not have to attend any classes physically. You can attend lectures and submit your assignments online without fighting traffic. You won’t have to leave your work early to attend the class or struggle to spend time with your family.

Best academic testing & learning online 02

4.    Online Learning Can be Convenient and Flexible

You can easily plan your everyday schedule and study time for your online courses. This brings convenience to study and work. You do not have to wander around libraries to find your course materials. You can find everything online. This can help you balance your work and family time without compromising on your education.

5.    You Don’t Encounter Postponed Tests

Stormy weather or excessive snowfall on the day of your test can cause delays. The university might have to postpone the test until weather clears. However, you can take your test and continue your education online regardless of the weather conditions outside. You don’t have to face any delays or put your life in danger trying to get to the college in unfriendly weather conditions.

6.    You Can Study Confidently

Online courses can bring confidence to the shy students who cannot participate in group discussions, and are unable to join face to face sessions in a class. Students also improve their concentration through online classes because of fewer classroom activities.

7.    You Can Advance in Your Career

You can take online classes and complete your degree while you are working or even when you are taking care of your family. You can also manage any gaps or a discontinuity in your resume. Furthermore, you can show your ambitiousness to your employers and your desire to stay prepared and informed of any new challenges by acquiring education online.

Academic Testing & Learning Online with King Education LLC

King Education LLC is the best online learning solution that you and your family can have. If you are interested in learning more, contact us at (917) 768-6151 or explore our website for more information. You can also schedule a free consultation for further guidance.

Best College Admissions Consulting

How do you find the best college admissions consulting? The purpose of hiring a consultant is not to get help in getting to a prestigious college, such as Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, Princeton, or Stanford. Counselors don’t have a magic wand that they can use to get your children into the college they like the most. The best consultant will help your child with the best possible career that he/she deserves by choosing the right college for him/her.

Best College Admissions Consulting NYC

Why You Need College Admission Consulting

A consultant for college admissions has spent a lot of money and time researching universities and colleges and their requirements. Many consultants have graduate degrees in college counseling, and they are professionals. Even IECA and HECA require a consultant to attend conferences in ten or more campuses each year in order to continue their membership.

Many parents think that they know well and can guide their children in the right direction. But in reality, most parents have a full-time job or other occupations that keep them from spending enough time to guide their kids. They do not have much time to visit different colleges and study their processes, courses, and environment.

Eventually, students depend on themselves and their luck to get admission in the top colleges. This is not enough for your child. You need someone who has knowledge and information to guide your child in the right direction.

Services the Consultant Offers

A good consultant will guide you and your child throughout the process of what they should and should not be doing. Furthermore, the consultant will make a complete case for your child for various colleges, where your child can perform well. A college admission consultant may offer you the following services:

  • Searching the right college
  • Sharing the list of colleges that suit your child
  • Conducting sessions to create strategies for your child
  • Sending SAT/ACT scores
  • Senior year courses
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Teacher recommendation letters
  • Early action or decision applications
  • Essay and application reviewing
  • Preparation for the college interview
  • Financial aid advice
  • College decisions

Best College Admissions Consultant NY

How to Choose a College Admission Consultant

1.    A Consultant Who Fits your Child’s Need and Style

You and your child should feel comfortable with the consultant as you are going to work together for weeks, months, or a year. Consider the following to pick the best college admissions consultant.

  • Is the consultant open to both the parents and the child? Many times, college admissions consultants do not want to communicate with the parents, and that can create various problems. The applicant should be the primary contact, but the parents should also be involved in the process.
  • Are you comfortable asking questions?
  • What is the method of communication? Is the consultant available for face to face meetings only or prefers Skype, emails, and calls also.

It does not matter where the consultant lives. They may be in your neighborhood, in another state or even somewhere else in the world, but they should be right for your child’s career.

2.    A Consultant Having Knowledge and Commitment

You may know people who got their child admission into Yale by themselves. They might also help you in your child’s process, but having a professional consultant is the best option that you can have because different profiles yield different results.

A good consultant does not only work for the admission of the student, but they spend time visiting colleges, communicating with colleagues, researching programs and schools, and reading processes. They have information from many colleges and decide on these options depending on your child’s profile.

Beware of Guarantees

A consultant who guarantees the acceptance of your child into a specific college or promises scholarship money is not ethical. You should not choose such a consultant for your child.


King Education LLC provides the best college admission consulting and tutoring, with many satisfied and successful clients and students. If you are looking for a consultant, contact us today and we will be more than happy to assist you and your child in finding the best college.

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Do You Need Academic Subject Tutoring Online?

Academic Subject Tutoring Online: What You Need to Know

Best Academic Subject Tutoring Online

Many academic subject tutoring services are available online today. King Education, based in New York City, specializes in tutoring and academic test preparation, especially for the SAT’s, GMAT, ACT, SHSAT, and ISEE exams.

King Education offers online academic subject tutoring, foreign language tutoring, and college admission consulting too!

Before starting online tutoring, you should understand that you do not need a physical classroom or school to learn. Thus, the environment you use is important, and you can create that needed environment by blocking distractions, like keeping your cell phone out of your range and by using your laptop instead.

Online education is trending, and high technology is no longer an issue; thus, online tutoring is very effective. If you love to utilize technology to solve your problems, you will have an easier time. This is because it is convenient and effective.

Here are some things you want to know regarding online tutoring;

Technology Makes Online Tutoring Convenient

After every new innovation and invention, human effort decreases, and work tends to get done more efficiently. You cannot deny the fact; with academic tutoring online, you don’t need to worry about traveling from one location to another. So, now you have the convenience to work on your math skills at home in your own free time.

The Environment is Different from School

There are some people who learn better from sitting alone rather than in a classroom while others prefer to go to school. According to some research, students might learn from going to school, but they become more focused when they are in the comfort of their home with no distractions. Without any distractions from other students, you become more relaxed and interested in learning.

Moreover, academic tutoring online is an actual one-on-one lecture, not equivalent to spending your time in a classroom. Instead of teaching multiple students, your assigned tutor will have his or her full attention with you.

Available all the Time Anywhere

King Education is an academic tutoring online website that is available through the internet. Moreover, you can have the entire lecture or course on hand if you have internet access. Whether you want to study math or any other academic course, you can have them 24/7, so you do not have to wait for your tutor anymore.

Engagement with Digital Programs

If you see people around, you might notice two out of three people use their laptop, tablet, or cell phone devices most of the time without purpose. However, this situation will continue with you as well, so rather than serving most of your time on social media, you can benefit from these websites.

You will be learning digital programs because all your research work and jobs require digital proficiency. Hence, it is beneficial for you to become comfortable with computers and gain experience in engaging with technology.

Improves Critical Thinking

Through academic tutoring online, you can learn how to study and improvise your critical thinking. Therefore, you can find word problems that will require critical thinking, problem-solving attitude, analytical thinking, and reasoning.

By sharpening your critical thinking skills, you can prepare yourself for outshining others in your competitive tests. This skill will also improve your confidence and prepare you for a practical life independently.

Updates Regarding Your Progress are Accessible

Not too long ago, it was impossible to match the convenience of academic tutoring online with traditional tutoring methods. You can get updates on your progress at every step, and it is only thanks to internet technology. It depends on you; either you can receive your progress updates daily, weekly, or monthly. Progress reports are important to help you strengthen your conceptual knowledge.

Throughout the academic tutoring online program, you are tested on the same concepts in multiple ways. However, academic tutoring online makes sure you not only develop proficiency but also mastery in that particular program.

Call King Education Today For Academic Subject Tutoring

We are highly experienced variety of current and former Teachers, professors and educators. We will help you to pass your academic subject tests.

Call or email us today:

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SAT, ACT & SAT II Testing

The SAT Standardized Test

The SAT is a standard test that makes sure that you are eligible and capable of the admission. It identifies your skills and measures your ability to perform in areas like the clarity of expression, computational ability, and reading comprehension. As a lot of students take this test, the colleges and universities can compare the candidates based on their scores and enroll the best ones in their degree programs.

You need to submit your SAT or ACT scores along with your application while applying for admissions in universities and colleges in the US. The decision of the admission committee of the college or university depends 50% on your SAT or ACT. So, the higher your scores are, the better chance you have of getting admission into your desired college/university. Every four-year college in the US accepts the SAT or ACT. However, you still need to check the admission process of various colleges before applying, as some colleges have flexible policies.

You have to take the SAT or ACT when you are a US student applying to get admission in a college in Canada and the UK and also if you are an international student applying for college in the United States.

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The ACT Standardized Test

ACT is the abbreviated form of American College Testing, but now the official name is ACT. You should not pronounce it like the word “act” but say individual letters A-C-T instead. The test was first taken in 1959, and since then, colleges have been using this test to identify the right candidates for their programs.

ACT is the other major aptitude test that universities and colleges use to enroll new students, and it has become the admission criterion. In 2011, the number of candidates who took the ACT was higher than the number of candidates who took the SAT (which was the favorite at that time).

The ACT exam has two benefits:

  • Measuring the knowledge of a candidate in science, English, reading, and math.
  • Measuring how well the candidate will perform in their college in these four major areas.

Tests like SAT and ACT are designed in a way that identifies the candidates’ eligibility to study in a particular college or university. Furthermore, it makes sure that the enrolling students have the aptitude and knowledge to complete the four-year degree program successfully. Studying in a college is time-consuming and expensive. If a student does not academically qualify for the program and they are accepted, they are likely to drop out in the middle of that program.

SAT or ACT – What to Choose?

If you are not sure about either, you can take practice tests available online. This test will identify which aptitude test is best for you. Since the style and content of the ACT and SAT are similar, you should ask yourself the following questions to pick one.

  • How good are you at handling the pressure of time?
  • Which questions are the most challenging for you?

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SAT Subject Test or SAT II Test

The SAT subject test or SAT II will identify the ability of a candidate in a specific subject. You can choose from a bunch of SAT subjects. These subjects include French, Biology, Chinese, US History and many more. By appearing for SAT 1, you are virtually applying for all the undergraduate programs in the US. However, SAT subject tests are specific to applying only in competitive schools. You need to check the institution for their admission criteria and apply accordingly.

If you are preparing for SAT II, you need to focus more on the subject content of the rather than the structure of the exam. There are many practice tests available for Subject Test on the internet that you can take to test your skills. You will find hundreds of books on the subjects that will help prepare you for the SAT subject test.

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Best Online SAT Test Preparation Tips

What are the best online SAT test preparation tips? You need to perform well on your SAT exam to be accepted to your chosen college, but where to start? Here are ten tips that can help you in studying and preparing for your SAT.

The Best SAT Test Preparation Tips

1.    Read Alot

The SAT’s are heavy on reading. You have to go through five long passages in an hour. This does not mean that the questions will be difficult. In fact, they will be pretty straightforward. The tough part is the reading, which will make your brain run out of energy several times while attempting a section. In order to avoid that, you need to create a habit of reading. Reading nonfiction novels and stories is best for preparing for your SAT exams. You can also read magazines or newspapers, etc. Reading also improves your grammar, writing skills, and vocabulary.

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2.    Learn Mental Math

There are two math sections in the SAT exam. In one of these sections, you cannot use calculators. However, you do not want to do all the equations with your pencil and waste your precious time. Instead, you can prepare your brain as a mental calculator before your SAT exam. This way, you can save a lot of time on your exam. You can get help from mental math books that explain shortcuts of solving math problems with mental calculations.

3.    Brush Up On Your Grammar

In the verbal section, half of the questions are related to grammar. Many students fail to perform well in basic grammar, especially with the essay questions. You may feel overwhelmed while learning grammar, but this is an easy and important topic to cover while preparing for the SATs.

4.    Use SAT Preparation Material

You can find a lot of studying material online and at bookstores. Some of this material is good enough to follow, but some guides provide questions that are irrelevant to the topics that you should learn. This will waste your productive time. You need to look for the resources that are effective and helpful for you.

5.    Take Many Practice Tests

The SAT exam contains three essential parts: reading & math, writing, and language. You need to divide the sections and give enough time to each topic. Instead of doing a math section all day, divide your day into different parts and prepare for all the sections. By doing this, you will be mimicking your test day.

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6.    Steer Clear of Cramming

You should not cram while preparing for your exams. When you are feeding a lot information in a small amount of time, your brain does not recognize this as valuable information. As a result, you soon forget everything. Think of cramming as building a skyscraper with cards. So you should prepare a few times a week and then review what you have already learned. This is the best and secure method. Furthermore, take some breaks so that your mind relaxes and let the information sink in.

7.    Identify & Correct Your Weaknesses

You may be bad in some topics and good in others. It is a good habit to practice what you already know from time to time. But you can benefit more if you focus on your weak points. You can take various tests online to know your weaknesses and work on those areas.

8.    Avail Your Dead Time

Throughout the day, we hang out and waste a lot of our time in small breaks; for instance, while waiting for a bus, friend, or dinner. These small breaks waste much of our precious time. Well, you can avail this time for your SAT preparation and use the following ideas:

  • You can surprise yourself by solving random mental math questions in your mind.
  • You can review vocabulary flashcards on your phone.
  • You can learn tips from students who scored well on their SAT’s.
  • You can dedicate some time to reading study guides for your SAT exams.

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