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Monthly Archives: July 2020

The New Normal – Academic Testing & Learning Online

Is this the new normal – academic testing & learning online?

Why Choose Online Learning?

With online learning, you can fulfill your commitments, and continue your education. The biggest reason to choose to learn online is that you do not have to travel to your college or university anymore. You just need to turn on your computer and join the class from the comfort of your office or home.

Another reason for choosing online learning instead of traditional institutions is the expense. Many students fail to pursue a career of their choice as the courses they want are really expensive. With online courses, you can enroll yourself in a degree program of your choice without spending too much. Even corporate employers can use online courses to train their employees if they have low budgets.

Academic testing & Learning online 01

Many students are going for online learning rather than traditional colleges and universities to complete their degree programs because it is a better way to learn now. If you are interested in learning new skills and improving your understanding of a subject, you can opt for an online course. Here are some benefits of going online for academic testing and learning:

1.    You Get a Variety of Options for Courses and Programs

You can choose your field of interest from a variety of options to achieve a four-year degree in your chosen subject. These options are available in both universities and online colleges. This means that you can find any program or course that you like, from neuroscience to nursing and more.

2.    You can Lower your Educational Costs

With online programs, you will be paying a lesser amount than you do in traditional colleges. Not all degrees that you find on the internet are cheap. However, online colleges can save you a lot of associated expenses. For instance, you will be saving the cost of transportation and materials. You can also find textbooks online at a lower or no cost.

3.    You Can Choose Your Learning Environment

The commercials that feature online students taking classes in their pajamas are trying to imply the comfort of this method of education. You do not have to attend any classes physically. You can attend lectures and submit your assignments online without fighting traffic. You won’t have to leave your work early to attend the class or struggle to spend time with your family.

Best academic testing & learning online 02

4.    Online Learning Can be Convenient and Flexible

You can easily plan your everyday schedule and study time for your online courses. This brings convenience to study and work. You do not have to wander around libraries to find your course materials. You can find everything online. This can help you balance your work and family time without compromising on your education.

5.    You Don’t Encounter Postponed Tests

Stormy weather or excessive snowfall on the day of your test can cause delays. The university might have to postpone the test until weather clears. However, you can take your test and continue your education online regardless of the weather conditions outside. You don’t have to face any delays or put your life in danger trying to get to the college in unfriendly weather conditions.

6.    You Can Study Confidently

Online courses can bring confidence to the shy students who cannot participate in group discussions, and are unable to join face to face sessions in a class. Students also improve their concentration through online classes because of fewer classroom activities.

7.    You Can Advance in Your Career

You can take online classes and complete your degree while you are working or even when you are taking care of your family. You can also manage any gaps or a discontinuity in your resume. Furthermore, you can show your ambitiousness to your employers and your desire to stay prepared and informed of any new challenges by acquiring education online.

Academic Testing & Learning Online with King Education LLC

King Education LLC is the best online learning solution that you and your family can have. If you are interested in learning more, contact us at (917) 768-6151 or explore our website for more information. You can also schedule a free consultation for further guidance.

Best College Admissions Consulting

How do you find the best college admissions consulting? The purpose of hiring a consultant is not to get help in getting to a prestigious college, such as Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, Princeton, or Stanford. Counselors don’t have a magic wand that they can use to get your children into the college they like the most. The best consultant will help your child with the best possible career that he/she deserves by choosing the right college for him/her.

Best College Admissions Consulting NYC

Why You Need College Admission Consulting

A consultant for college admissions has spent a lot of money and time researching universities and colleges and their requirements. Many consultants have graduate degrees in college counseling, and they are professionals. Even IECA and HECA require a consultant to attend conferences in ten or more campuses each year in order to continue their membership.

Many parents think that they know well and can guide their children in the right direction. But in reality, most parents have a full-time job or other occupations that keep them from spending enough time to guide their kids. They do not have much time to visit different colleges and study their processes, courses, and environment.

Eventually, students depend on themselves and their luck to get admission in the top colleges. This is not enough for your child. You need someone who has knowledge and information to guide your child in the right direction.

Services the Consultant Offers

A good consultant will guide you and your child throughout the process of what they should and should not be doing. Furthermore, the consultant will make a complete case for your child for various colleges, where your child can perform well. A college admission consultant may offer you the following services:

  • Searching the right college
  • Sharing the list of colleges that suit your child
  • Conducting sessions to create strategies for your child
  • Sending SAT/ACT scores
  • Senior year courses
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Teacher recommendation letters
  • Early action or decision applications
  • Essay and application reviewing
  • Preparation for the college interview
  • Financial aid advice
  • College decisions

Best College Admissions Consultant NY

How to Choose a College Admission Consultant

1.    A Consultant Who Fits your Child’s Need and Style

You and your child should feel comfortable with the consultant as you are going to work together for weeks, months, or a year. Consider the following to pick the best college admissions consultant.

  • Is the consultant open to both the parents and the child? Many times, college admissions consultants do not want to communicate with the parents, and that can create various problems. The applicant should be the primary contact, but the parents should also be involved in the process.
  • Are you comfortable asking questions?
  • What is the method of communication? Is the consultant available for face to face meetings only or prefers Skype, emails, and calls also.

It does not matter where the consultant lives. They may be in your neighborhood, in another state or even somewhere else in the world, but they should be right for your child’s career.

2.    A Consultant Having Knowledge and Commitment

You may know people who got their child admission into Yale by themselves. They might also help you in your child’s process, but having a professional consultant is the best option that you can have because different profiles yield different results.

A good consultant does not only work for the admission of the student, but they spend time visiting colleges, communicating with colleagues, researching programs and schools, and reading processes. They have information from many colleges and decide on these options depending on your child’s profile.

Beware of Guarantees

A consultant who guarantees the acceptance of your child into a specific college or promises scholarship money is not ethical. You should not choose such a consultant for your child.


King Education LLC provides the best college admission consulting and tutoring, with many satisfied and successful clients and students. If you are looking for a consultant, contact us today and we will be more than happy to assist you and your child in finding the best college.

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