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Monthly Archives: April 2021

The SAT Test & Preparation

What is the best type of preparation for the SAT Test? The SAT exam can be one of the most stressful papers you study for. As this is the key to your dream college or university, the pressure is on. The SAT test is more of a mathematical exam that requires a lot of practice and preparation. Only with both of them will you be able to achieve the right score to get you into college. Failure to achieve the minimum score may require you to retake the test or lose the chance of getting into a particular university.

If it’s your first time giving the SAT exam, you’re probably stressing out. Unfortunately, that’s definitely not going to help you get through your exam. Here are a few tips mentioned below that might help you begin with the SAT preparation. By keeping these factors in mind, the SAT exam will feel more like a challenge that you can surely get through.

SAT Test Preparation

Best Preparation for the SAT

The preparation stage can get a bit frustrating, especially when you’re doing it on your own. It would be a good idea to get professional help from your school for your SAT examinations. But if you plan to do it on your own, here are a few SAT preparation tips that might help you out.

1.     Registration

The first stage of your SAT preparation is registering online on the College Board website. You have to first create your account with the necessary details on this website and then register. You will have a few choices in the location where you will sit for your exam, along with the dates. Once you have the dates, you can make your study schedule and count your days to the final day.

2.     Go Through the Exam Structure

By going through the exam structure, you will learn what to expect during the exam. Learning the structure will help you practice papers. The SAT test has a maximum of 1600 marks. Study how the score distributes across, so you know what to focus on more. With the help of a professional teacher, you might understand this clearer.

3.     Assess Your Low Points

There is no such thing as a perfect student as everyone has their weaknesses. Accept your weaknesses, and start working on them. This will help you during practice as you can practice questions that you struggle with more. This way, you can turn your weaknesses into your strengths and ace the test!

4.     Have Goals

You must keep a score goal, as this will help you prepare better if you’re unable to achieve your desired score in the first few practice tests. The best way to hit your score goal is by keeping estimates for every target score. Make your preparation somewhat like a game and more challenging. This might encourage you to study more, especially on days when you just want to procrastinate.

Best Online SAT Test and Preparation

5.     Go Through Test Strategies

Test strategies are an important way to reach your ultimate score goal. There are millions of strategies available, but to get the best one, it’s best if you get in touch with a professional SAT professor.

6.     Practice Makes Perfect

Practice is the only way that’s going to get you through your SAT. Keep solving questions on your own and even with friends who might be giving the SAT with you. Solving papers together helps understand something better and group studying is always fun! You will have to go through few practice runs. Never get too confident if you do well on the first one. It’s best to keep practicing till the day of your SAT exam.

7.     The Final Day

Avoid stress-studying before the big day as it is going to only make it worse for you. It would be best if you got adequate amounts of sleep as you have to stay fresh for your exam. Try to eat well, as it can be hard to think on an empty stomach. Moreover, eating before an exam helps you avoid dizziness and prevent chances of fainting, which are quite common during exam day. Make sure to prepare all your stationery the night before so you don’t panic at the examination table when you find out you forgot to bring a calculator!

SAT Test Preparation: Conclusion

No matter how much you practice for the SAT’s, there is always this feeling of nervousness till the day you get through. But, that’s common, and almost every student goes through it.

If you want to go through a smooth SAT preparation, get in touch with the best SAT coaching at King Education and simplify the SAT test preparation. It definitely gets hard studying alone, but there is no harm in trying with the help of the tips mentioned above and an experienced tutor.

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K-12 Education: Tutoring Options

Have you ever considered tutoring options as part of your K-12 child’s education? Or yourself, for that matter? Well, tutoring is a very common requirement in today’s world. Many students find tutoring to have a positive effect on them. It refines crucial concepts and makes it easier for them to learn. No matter how advantageous tutoring might be, people still think it’s for students who have slower coping skills.

On the contrary, tutoring is a practice platform and helps you get extra help and guidance. With a tutor, you can revise whatever you’ve learned in school. Besides, it allows for one-on-one understanding as well. The tutoring industry has flourished, especially thanks to changes in technology. Instead of having to stay back in school for classes with a tutor, you can now get it at home, any time of the day, using handheld devices. If you would like to find out more tutoring options for yourself, read further below.

K-12 Education Tutoring

K-12 Tutoring Options

1.     Government Tutoring Programs

The State Department of Education offers free government tutoring programs to a list of schools. This program pairs almost every student with a professional, knowledgeable tutor. These tutors could be teachers from other schools or come from community-based organizations. The Every Student Succeeds Act states that a certain amount of students has the right to free tutoring. To see if your school is on the eligibility list, get in touch with your school district.

2.     Learning Centers

You can enlist your child in a learning center, which is somewhat similar to a school but runs very. Learning centers give students the platform to study with whatever skills they have among professionally trained teachers. Over here, students can choose between one-on-one tutoring and small group tutoring.

Learning Centers like King Education LLC provide effective K-12 tutoring services. One drawback of enrolling your child in a learning center would be that you cannot choose a tutor. The academic office will assign each student with a tutor. This may also be expensive for you as you will have to pay for every individual session, which can go up to $200.

3.     Individual Tutoring

Individual tutoring is a standard option that many students use. However, sometimes it’s hard to look for a good-quality tutor on your own. The good thing about individual tutoring is that you get that one-on-one attention that you can’t get in class. Furthermore, you feel comfortable when it comes to asking different homework or school-related questions. You also get to choose your tutor according to your preferences. So if you sense a good professional teaching vibe from them, then they’re probably the perfect choice for you. You can look for tutors online or even around your school.

4.     Online Tutoring Software

Online tutoring has taken over almost every other tutoring option, especially in today’s time of “social-distancing.” The good thing about online tutoring is that it’s easily available, and there are a million platforms that offer this. Khan Academy and Cheggs Tutors are just two of many popular examples to choose from. You can access this software at any time of the day and study at your own pace.

Some of the online tutoring software provides minimal fields of teaching and, at times, can get repetitive. It’s also a good way to save money as some of these are free. If you want to achieve a one-on-one personal relationship with your tutor, then this might not be the best tutoring option for you.

K-12 Tutoring Education

5.     School Tutoring

Many schools provide the option of tutoring if they feel that a student needs extra help and attention. In most cases, school teachers offer tutoring after school hours. They help with things you don’t understand in the classroom and guide you through homework queries.

Some students might not feel comfortable with this option as there is usually a barrier between the classroom teacher and the student. The thought of staying back in school is also exhausting and demotivating. You can check with your child’s school to see if they offer such services.

6.     Friends and Family

If you have friends and family who are really good at teaching, you can always seek tutoring help. For many, this is more of a comfortable and reasonable option to seek tutoring services from someone you already know. But, you may not achieve that sense of professionalism, and at times it can get awkward.

K-12 Education Tutoring Options: Bottom-Line

With so many tutoring options available, it can get a bit confusing on what to choose for your child. To make this process easier, you should first identify whether your child is comfortable with in-person or online tutoring. Once you know this, you can assess the options that go with each category. It’s always best to consult with your child before choosing one for them.

For a better understanding of in-person or group tutoring, get in touch with King Education LLC.