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Monthly Archives: September 2021

Math Preparation for the SAT – What to Expect

Math preparation for the SAT is important if you want to achieve high scores.  The SATs are important for various American college admissions. The SAT test scores make your college applications distinctive from others. These standardized tests comprise different subject tests. However, most students fear the mathematics test that can leave you confused if you lack the necessary preparation.

Math Preparation for the SAT

The first step to building a solid SAT math test prep is to familiarize yourself with what you should expect in the test. Learning and paying attention to the core topics in the tests can help you achieve a good result and score. Here’s what you should expect in terms of the mathematics test for the SAT.

Official Topics of the SAT Math Test

You should pay close attention to and study four main areas for the SAT math test. They are Problem Solving, Data Analysis, Heart of Algebra, Additional Topics, and Passport to Advanced Math. While some concepts might seem complex, you don’t have anything to worry about as they may be from the older mathematical classes such as pre-algebra and more. Here are the official topics of a typical SAT math test.

1.     Passport to Advanced Math

Take a look at the list of topics that this content of the math test covers below:

  • Simplifying expressions using exponents
  • Isolating variables in non-linear equations
  • Soling equations systems that contain linear and quadratic equations
  • Modeling real-life context using exponential and quadratic functions
  • Understanding function notations (learning how compositions and transformations occur)
  • Understanding the relationship between non-linear equations or systems with non-linear graphs
  • Polynomial expression operations (multiplication, division, addition, subtraction)
  • Relation between polynomial factors, polynomial graphs, and zeros
  • Quadratic equations (formula, square completion, and factorization)
  • Interpretation and manipulation of non-linear expressions within the context
  • Solving equations comprising variables within the denominator

2.     Data Analytics and Problem Solving

Here is the list of topics that the problem solving and data analytics content of the SAT math test covers.

  • Calculation of probabilities using data
  • Performing unit conversion
  • Solving problems through percentages
  • Solving problems through proportions, ratios, and rates
  • Scatterplots and calculations (learning how to predict a curve or line of best fit)
  • Data calculation, measurement, interpretation, and results (median, range of data, mode, and standard deviation along with the spread, center, and shape of data)
  • Justifying and making statistical interferences of data
  • Understanding differences between exponential and linear growth

3.     Heart of Algebra

Algebra is the most important SAT math test component. Here are its main topics below:

  • Understanding the relation of linear graphs with an equation or system of inequalities or equations
  • Solving inequalities or linear equations using single variables of absolute values
  • Solving linear equation systems or inequalities using two variables
  • Interpretation of expressions, inequalities, or linear equations in the context
  • Translation of word problems into inequalities, expressions, or equations

4.     Additional Topics

The additional topics content include the following in a typical SAT math test:

  • Using area and volume formulas (on the test)
  • Solving right triangle problems with trigonometric ratios of cosine, sine, and tangent or Pythagorean Theorem
  • Complex numbers operations
  • Understanding and using the relationship between trigonometric ratios, right triangles, and similar triangles
  • Conversion between radian measures and degrees
  • Solving to generate information when transversal or similar congruent triangles cut parallel lines
  • Calculation of missing values in circles (angle measures, chord lengths, arc lengths, sector areas)
  • Interpretation and finding of the standard form of a circle equation within a coordinate plane

Pay Attention to the Main Sections of the SAT Math Test

The above content material for the SAT math test will help you outline what you should be expecting. What’s more, learning the topics and then further exploring problems, concepts, ideas, and knowledge will help you exploit the best available resources.

Best Math Preparation for the SAT

Apart from the above Math section topics that might appear in the SAT tests, some key concepts are also important when prepping for your SAT test. These concepts/sections of the SAT math test help you learn and prep better. They include:

  • Multi-Step Problems
  • Real-World Applications (Examples, Operations, and Solving)
  • In-Grid Mathematical Questions
  • No-Calculator Section
  • Calculator Section (Calculator Fluency)

Math Preparation for the SAT: Conclusion

Are you looking for the best resources or guidance to prepare for your upcoming SAT math test? Do you wish to learn from the best tutor in the field for excellent SAT scores? King Education can help you do that.

Our experts are some of the most knowledgeable and experienced current and former teachers and educators helping students prepare for the SAT and other standardized tests.

Contact us at (917) 768-6151 for more information and to schedule a convenient, secure online session. 


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Do You Need SAT Coaching? Call King Education

Do you require immediate SAT coaching for your college admission? You are in the right place. Before acquiring services, it is best to review the level of expertise and results they guarantee. Many SAT prep businesses, institutions, and companies guarantee results for your SAT’s.

Best SAT Coaching NYC

However, bear in mind that while these claims might not be completely accurate, you should only go with the best SAT coaching institutions. In fact, self-study, self-determination, and honesty play a vital role in your prep in accordance with SAT coaching.

What is the SAT?

SAT is the entrance exam for admission in universities and colleges in the United States. It is a test that comprises many MCQs, administered by the College Board. SAT test scores are important for the college admissions process, and those with higher SAT test scores are more likely to get shortlisted by the college admissions officers.

Therefore, you should assume SATs as criteria that colleges use to compare applicants. In reality, the tests measure the competency and skills of a high-school student. Regardless, the importance of SATs can vary from school to school. The higher your test scores, the more college options you have.

What Does the SAT Comprise?

First and foremost, there are four main components of the SATs. These e Writing, Reading (Evidence-Based), and Mathematics (math with calculator and without calculator). SATs also comprise an Essay section, which is optional. Nevertheless, the optional Essay scores remain separated from the overall test scores.

In addition, certain schools and colleges make it mandatory for you to complete the optional essay section as part of their admissions process. The overall test itself can take as long as 3 hours and 50 minutes, whereas generally, it is no longer than 3 hours.

Scoring of the test takes place on a 200-800 point scale. The score on the new SAT ranges between 400 and 1600, whereas the optional Essay score remains separate.

Do You Require SAT Coaching? Does it help?

Coming down to the most important question, does SAT coaching help? Firstly, you should know if you require SAT coaching or not. In cases where students lack time due to missing deadlines, not studying year-out, or other reasons, it is best to seek the help of experienced professionals who can give you the best advice and help with the preparation.

Further, the skills and knowledge of experts are another reason why you might decide to take on SAT coaching. On the other hand, students who don’t want to rely solely on self-study seek the help of SAT tutors.

SAT coaching may increase the total SAT examination fees, but it is worth it if you require it for the reasons above and others. Having an SAT tutor to guide you throughout the preparation process can help you achieve high tests scores.

SAT coaching aims to design classes and schedules to help students with preparation for the tests. Hence, it is important for you to designate a certain amount of time, especially for preparing and achieving higher SAT test scores.

SAT Coaching New York

Why is an SAT Tutor Important?

What makes SAT coaching tutors important? They have in-depth knowledge of the test-taking process and know more about the SAT examination than any student appearing for the first time. Additionally, they are able to understand the test sections better where a student lacks. By outlining the areas of improvement and suggesting practices to help get higher test scores, SAT tutors can help you get admission into your dream college.

Altogether, they can guide you handle time pressure, time management, content learning, test preparation, queries, problem-solving, and more. Thus, the best way to increase your chances of scoring big in your SAT is to work with knowledgeable SAT tutors.

SAT Coaching: Conclusion

Preparing for your SAT, ACT, or other college and university admission tests can be tiresome. The right guidance can provide you with the vital information that you might be lacking. On top of that, working with professionals who have impeccable experience in the college admissions processes can pave the way to your future success in academics and professional career.

Do you require SAT coaching? Are you missing out on close deadlines? There is no need to worry because King Education can help you. We offer a range of services, including SAT preparation, tutoring, learning pod expertise, and more.

Call us today to schedule an online session!

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