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Category Archives: SAT Test Preparation

Math Preparation for the SAT – What to Expect

Math preparation for the SAT is important if you want to achieve high scores.  The SATs are important for various American college admissions. The SAT test scores make your college applications distinctive from others. These standardized tests comprise different subject tests. However, most students fear the mathematics test that can leave you confused if you lack the necessary preparation.

Math Preparation for the SAT

The first step to building a solid SAT math test prep is to familiarize yourself with what you should expect in the test. Learning and paying attention to the core topics in the tests can help you achieve a good result and score. Here’s what you should expect in terms of the mathematics test for the SAT.

Official Topics of the SAT Math Test

You should pay close attention to and study four main areas for the SAT math test. They are Problem Solving, Data Analysis, Heart of Algebra, Additional Topics, and Passport to Advanced Math. While some concepts might seem complex, you don’t have anything to worry about as they may be from the older mathematical classes such as pre-algebra and more. Here are the official topics of a typical SAT math test.

1.     Passport to Advanced Math

Take a look at the list of topics that this content of the math test covers below:

  • Simplifying expressions using exponents
  • Isolating variables in non-linear equations
  • Soling equations systems that contain linear and quadratic equations
  • Modeling real-life context using exponential and quadratic functions
  • Understanding function notations (learning how compositions and transformations occur)
  • Understanding the relationship between non-linear equations or systems with non-linear graphs
  • Polynomial expression operations (multiplication, division, addition, subtraction)
  • Relation between polynomial factors, polynomial graphs, and zeros
  • Quadratic equations (formula, square completion, and factorization)
  • Interpretation and manipulation of non-linear expressions within the context
  • Solving equations comprising variables within the denominator

2.     Data Analytics and Problem Solving

Here is the list of topics that the problem solving and data analytics content of the SAT math test covers.

  • Calculation of probabilities using data
  • Performing unit conversion
  • Solving problems through percentages
  • Solving problems through proportions, ratios, and rates
  • Scatterplots and calculations (learning how to predict a curve or line of best fit)
  • Data calculation, measurement, interpretation, and results (median, range of data, mode, and standard deviation along with the spread, center, and shape of data)
  • Justifying and making statistical interferences of data
  • Understanding differences between exponential and linear growth

3.     Heart of Algebra

Algebra is the most important SAT math test component. Here are its main topics below:

  • Understanding the relation of linear graphs with an equation or system of inequalities or equations
  • Solving inequalities or linear equations using single variables of absolute values
  • Solving linear equation systems or inequalities using two variables
  • Interpretation of expressions, inequalities, or linear equations in the context
  • Translation of word problems into inequalities, expressions, or equations

4.     Additional Topics

The additional topics content include the following in a typical SAT math test:

  • Using area and volume formulas (on the test)
  • Solving right triangle problems with trigonometric ratios of cosine, sine, and tangent or Pythagorean Theorem
  • Complex numbers operations
  • Understanding and using the relationship between trigonometric ratios, right triangles, and similar triangles
  • Conversion between radian measures and degrees
  • Solving to generate information when transversal or similar congruent triangles cut parallel lines
  • Calculation of missing values in circles (angle measures, chord lengths, arc lengths, sector areas)
  • Interpretation and finding of the standard form of a circle equation within a coordinate plane

Pay Attention to the Main Sections of the SAT Math Test

The above content material for the SAT math test will help you outline what you should be expecting. What’s more, learning the topics and then further exploring problems, concepts, ideas, and knowledge will help you exploit the best available resources.

Best Math Preparation for the SAT

Apart from the above Math section topics that might appear in the SAT tests, some key concepts are also important when prepping for your SAT test. These concepts/sections of the SAT math test help you learn and prep better. They include:

  • Multi-Step Problems
  • Real-World Applications (Examples, Operations, and Solving)
  • In-Grid Mathematical Questions
  • No-Calculator Section
  • Calculator Section (Calculator Fluency)

Math Preparation for the SAT: Conclusion

Are you looking for the best resources or guidance to prepare for your upcoming SAT math test? Do you wish to learn from the best tutor in the field for excellent SAT scores? King Education can help you do that.

Our experts are some of the most knowledgeable and experienced current and former teachers and educators helping students prepare for the SAT and other standardized tests.

Contact us at (917) 768-6151 for more information and to schedule a convenient, secure online session. 


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Do You Need SAT Coaching? Call King Education

Do you require immediate SAT coaching for your college admission? You are in the right place. Before acquiring services, it is best to review the level of expertise and results they guarantee. Many SAT prep businesses, institutions, and companies guarantee results for your SAT’s.

Best SAT Coaching NYC

However, bear in mind that while these claims might not be completely accurate, you should only go with the best SAT coaching institutions. In fact, self-study, self-determination, and honesty play a vital role in your prep in accordance with SAT coaching.

What is the SAT?

SAT is the entrance exam for admission in universities and colleges in the United States. It is a test that comprises many MCQs, administered by the College Board. SAT test scores are important for the college admissions process, and those with higher SAT test scores are more likely to get shortlisted by the college admissions officers.

Therefore, you should assume SATs as criteria that colleges use to compare applicants. In reality, the tests measure the competency and skills of a high-school student. Regardless, the importance of SATs can vary from school to school. The higher your test scores, the more college options you have.

What Does the SAT Comprise?

First and foremost, there are four main components of the SATs. These e Writing, Reading (Evidence-Based), and Mathematics (math with calculator and without calculator). SATs also comprise an Essay section, which is optional. Nevertheless, the optional Essay scores remain separated from the overall test scores.

In addition, certain schools and colleges make it mandatory for you to complete the optional essay section as part of their admissions process. The overall test itself can take as long as 3 hours and 50 minutes, whereas generally, it is no longer than 3 hours.

Scoring of the test takes place on a 200-800 point scale. The score on the new SAT ranges between 400 and 1600, whereas the optional Essay score remains separate.

Do You Require SAT Coaching? Does it help?

Coming down to the most important question, does SAT coaching help? Firstly, you should know if you require SAT coaching or not. In cases where students lack time due to missing deadlines, not studying year-out, or other reasons, it is best to seek the help of experienced professionals who can give you the best advice and help with the preparation.

Further, the skills and knowledge of experts are another reason why you might decide to take on SAT coaching. On the other hand, students who don’t want to rely solely on self-study seek the help of SAT tutors.

SAT coaching may increase the total SAT examination fees, but it is worth it if you require it for the reasons above and others. Having an SAT tutor to guide you throughout the preparation process can help you achieve high tests scores.

SAT coaching aims to design classes and schedules to help students with preparation for the tests. Hence, it is important for you to designate a certain amount of time, especially for preparing and achieving higher SAT test scores.

SAT Coaching New York

Why is an SAT Tutor Important?

What makes SAT coaching tutors important? They have in-depth knowledge of the test-taking process and know more about the SAT examination than any student appearing for the first time. Additionally, they are able to understand the test sections better where a student lacks. By outlining the areas of improvement and suggesting practices to help get higher test scores, SAT tutors can help you get admission into your dream college.

Altogether, they can guide you handle time pressure, time management, content learning, test preparation, queries, problem-solving, and more. Thus, the best way to increase your chances of scoring big in your SAT is to work with knowledgeable SAT tutors.

SAT Coaching: Conclusion

Preparing for your SAT, ACT, or other college and university admission tests can be tiresome. The right guidance can provide you with the vital information that you might be lacking. On top of that, working with professionals who have impeccable experience in the college admissions processes can pave the way to your future success in academics and professional career.

Do you require SAT coaching? Are you missing out on close deadlines? There is no need to worry because King Education can help you. We offer a range of services, including SAT preparation, tutoring, learning pod expertise, and more.

Call us today to schedule an online session!

King Education LLC
99 Madison Ave, Suite #5025
New York, NY 10018

(917) 768-6151


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Are SAT Prep Courses Worth It?

Are you considering taking SAT prep courses? Will it actually help improve your score? Is it worth itMany students eventually take the SAT for college admissions. Faced with the challenge of getting a good score, many students and parents wonder if SAT prep courses are worth it. Hundreds of institutions offer SAT prep courses, claiming they can improve your capabilities and SAT scores. The prices of these prep courses can vary depending on the institution and its services. While applying for college admission tests, students can’t take risks when it comes to preparing. But it’s no easy task for students with no knowledge of the SAT. So if you want to ace college admission tests, you need to prepare for them. That’s where SAT prep courses come in. You can join SAT prep course with highly qualified tutors at King Education to increase your chances of admission to the best colleges in NYC.

Are SAT Prep Courses Worth It?

How Effective are SAT Prep Courses?

When you visit different private counselors or companies for SAT prep courses, they will tell you that they can help improve your score by 100 points or more. However, the reality is different from what they claim and unfortunately much less impressive. A study by College Board suggested that SAT prep courses increased their verbal scores by 10 points on average. For their math score, they were able to get 18 more points. Another study by NACAC in 2009 showed that students improved by 10 points in critical reading, while their math scores improved by about 20 points.

Experts in the profession conducted these studies ages ago. Today, SAT preparatory courses can improve up to 30 points on average. In another study, NACAC revealed that about one-third of universities consider even a slight increase of scores while conducting admission tests. Many colleges conduct specific tests for admission. To qualify for those tests, even a slight change in your score will decide your acceptance and rejection for their entry tests. If 30 points can make a world of difference, aren’t you better off taking that chance?

Besides admissions, colleges and universities also consider SAT for scholarship eligibility. Therefore, you need to make an additional effort to achieve the highest possible scores. SAT prep courses help students boost scores so they can succeed in their admission tests and increase their chances for a scholarship.

Benefits of SAT Prep Courses

Here are some benefits of taking SAT prep courses for your college admission test:

1.     Provides Strategies

When a student takes the SAT for the first time, it’s possible that they’re unaware of certain types of questions. Having appropriate strategies to solve questions can prove helpful. Most students who are about to take the test understand the concept of elimination for multiple-choice questions. However, they still need some SAT material to perform well in the test. SAT prep courses offer materials that help create a strategy for the final test. In this case, math is one area where you should have a strategy to instantly find answers, effectively increasing your ratio of correct answers.

2.     Tips for Efficiency

While taking the test you should understand the importance of time. Many students panic when they have less time to complete the test. They forget everything they know because they consistently think about the clock ticking. You have to complete the test before three hours. But, when you have to write an essay, you receive an extra 50 minutes. So, if you intend to get the best possible score, you need to become more efficient. An SAT prep course helps you achieve the best results by guiding techniques to complete the test quickly, yet accurately.

SAT Prep Courses - Are They Worth It?

3.     Gives a Framework for the Material

Prep courses offer a framework to the students so they can understand the type of test they would be getting. The outline they receive will help them understand the sections and content. Sure, prep courses can’t prepare students for the exact questions they will get on test day, tutors can help with question comprehension. They will frequently give tests on a similar pattern so you get used to it. Furthermore, they will develop your critical thinking skills and help you understand the concept behind each question.

Are SAT Prep Courses Worth It?: Conclusion

At King Education, we encourage students to become responsible and take initiative about their future. We understand that college is the start of a new journey for students. You can accomplish your dream of going to your dream college if you have the dedication to ace the SAT. Our goal is to help you succeed in the entrance tests as well as enhance your learning skills.

Joining our SAT prep program is always a good investment for dedicated students. Our SAT program includes custom workbooks, in-class hours, home assignments, practice exams, and other essential materials. If you want to achieve the highest SAT score, give us a call at 917-768-6151 or schedule a free consultation.

99 Madison Ave.
Suite #5025
New York, NY 10018
(917) 768-6151

All About The SAT Test

Want to know all about the SAT test? Many colleges and universities consider SAT scores as entrance exams. The SAT includes multiple-choice questions and answers that are essential for college admissions. Many institutions such as King Education help students succeed in SATs by offering effective techniques and resources.

The SAT exam helps colleges evaluate the capabilities of the students and anticipate their future performance. When you apply for a college the admission committee will review your high school GPA along with your SAT score. Once you qualify, they will finalize your admission after going through your application.

As a standardized test, it measures your capabilities and skills and has important consequences on your academic career. The importance of SAT depends on the college you want to apply to. When you have higher scores in your SATs, you have better opportunities. Here are some benefits of taking SAT examination:

  • While preparing for this exam you will develop advanced reading and writing skills that will help you throughout your career.
  • SAT improves your numerical knowledge.
  • If your scores are higher, you can easily apply for a scholarship
  • The fee of SAT is lower than other entrance tests.
  • You can develop basic level knowledge in Math and English.
  • Many educational institutions help students to score higher in SAT exams.

All about the SAT test

Overview of SAT Examination

Below you will find three sections of SATs:

1) Evidence-Based Reading and Writing Section

There are 96 questions in this section. You have to answer these questions in 100 minutes. There are two sub-categories of this section. These sub-categories are the reading tests and the writing and language tests. The scores in this section range from 200 to 800.

  • SAT Reading Test

This is one of the longest tests in the SAT. It includes 52 questions that you need to answer in 65 minutes. The test will include five passages with multiple-choice questions. These passages may also include charts and graphs according to the content. The main purpose of this test is to evaluate the ability of the student to analyze evidence and understand complicated words.

  • SAT Writing and Language Test

This is the second test and includes 44 questions. You need to complete these questions within 35 minutes. There are four passages in this test. Along with these passages, you will receive 11 multiple-choice questions. These passages will also include charts and graphs. These questions will test your grammar, rhetoric, usage, and style of the English language.

2) SAT Math Section

The math section includes two sub-categories and you need to complete them both in 80 minutes. It includes 58 questions in total. The score of this test also ranges between 200 and 800. Most of the questions are multiple-choice. Some questions will include a grid so you can write the answer. The major math topics for this section are problem-solving, algebra, data analysis, and advanced math. The advanced math questions will include complex numbers, trigonometry, and geometry.

  • Math No-Calculator Section

In this section, you cannot use a calculator for the answers. You will get 20 questions in this section that you have to answer in 25 minutes. These 20 questions will include both multiple-choice questions and grid-in questions. The topics include algebra and advanced math.

  • Math with Calculator Section

In this section, you can use a calculator to answer the questions. The duration of the test would be 55 minutes and you have to answer 38 questions. This test also includes multiple questions and grid-in questions. You can also use a scientific calculator to calculate the values for graphs. Only a few questions in this section will require a calculator.

Best SAT test prep & tutoring

3) SAT Essay Section

This section is optional and you have to complete this test in 50 minutes. The test includes a speech or commentary. You need to closely read the passage and assess the reasoning, language, and rhetoric proposed by the author. You need to give an analytical evaluation of the passage. You will receive scores in three divisions that include analysis, writing, and reading. Your score will range between 2 to 8 for each section.

All About the SAT Test: Conclusion

King Education LLC has the best tutors for academic tutoring and SAT prep courses. We will help you learn strategies and techniques to get high scores on the test. Our SAT program help students succeed in their college entry test examination.

Besides the SAT program, we also advise you on your college admission applications to improve your chances of acceptance to your dream college. Whether you are looking for academic tutoring or a math tutor, we can help you in achieving better grades.

Contact us at 917-768-6151 or visit our website for a free consultation.

What Makes the Best SAT Test Prep Companies?

So, what makes the best sat test prep companies? Preparing for an SAT examination is one of the most important steps to getting into your desired college/university. The College Board administers these exams, which include several multiple-choice questions related to all math solutions. For some, this may seem easier than for others, but for most students, it’s actually quite tricky. The last thing you want is to end up with a lower score than the minimum requirement for your preferred university. Preparation is key to getting a decent SAT score; however, studying for a course alone can get a bit difficult and confusing.

Best SAT Test Prep Companies

The best way to prepare for your SAT examinations is by seeking help from SAT test preparation companies. There are a million SAT test preparation companies that offer the required help. Whether you want teachers or practice tests, you can easily find them. At first, most of these companies might sound very convincing to get you the ultimate score, but it takes more than that.

To avoid choosing the wrong SAT test preparation company and avoiding a low score, you will have to choose one carefully. To help you out, here are a few points on what you should seek in an SAT test preparation company.

What Makes the Best SAT Test Prep Companies

1.    Group of Expertise

The number one thing that makes an SAT preparation company the perfect choice for you is a teacher’s expertise. They are the primary source to help you achieve your desired score via effective teaching and guidance. The teachers available should be well aware of the SAT examination pattern and have an impressive record of helping students get great SAT scores.

Teachers that have scored in the 99th percentile are more preferable, as you can tell they are good at what they do. But at the same time, having knowledge and brains isn’t enough. Teachers should use adaptive and unique teaching methods when helping you prepare for your test.

2.    Offers SAT Prep Resources

Preparing students for the SAT involves more than just instructing and teaching. A good SAT preparation company offers different study materials during your session and will provide assignments and homework to deepen and improve your preparation. All of this keeps a student engaged and makes preparing for SAT more interesting. There are various tactics to prepare students, and only a smart and experienced SAT preparation company knows them.

3.    Good Score Background

When looking for a good SAT preparation company, you must check their score history. This will give you relief that you can also achieve a good score by seeking help through their courses. By checking a particular SAT prep company’s score thresholds or point improvements, you will know if they are right for you. Looking at this, you will understand that the course works for all students with different learning capacities and abilities.

4.    Small Class Size

When preparing for your SAT test, you need all the attention you can get, even if it’s not one-on-one. The most one-on-one attention you can achieve is if the company offers multiple smaller class sizes. The fewer students in a class, the easier it is for the teacher to pay attention to a few students individually. Individual attention creates more space for improvement. It also helps in studying better as you feel less pressure of having to deal with a lot of competition in the classroom. This also allows the teacher to note your weak spots and work better towards that for improvement.

Best NY SAT Test Prep Companies

5.    Years of Experience

The SATs have been going on for quite a while now, and many old renowned companies still offer SAT prep courses. Some are new, while some have continued for a while. You will obviously want to first go for a company with more experience in preparing students for the SAT.

The more experience they have, the more likely they are more advanced in their ways of preparing students and are well aware of the SAT structure. This also allows you to ask people around you who may have attended SAT courses from the same company.  Taking reviews from different people is very important.

Best SAT Test Prep Companies: Takeaway

Looking for a good SAT test prep company can get a bit frustrating, especially when you have so many options. Over that, you have the stress of preparing for your SAT. But there is no point in stressing out or panicking. You will find a good SAT test prep company at the end of the day. All you need to do is look for these few features mentioned above in a company. And then choose one that matches all of them. Most importantly, you should feel comfortable with the environment.

You can achieve some of the best SAT test preparation from King Education LLC. Allow them to help you attain your desired score through effective guidance and teaching methods.

The SAT Test & Preparation

What is the best type of preparation for the SAT Test? The SAT exam can be one of the most stressful papers you study for. As this is the key to your dream college or university, the pressure is on. The SAT test is more of a mathematical exam that requires a lot of practice and preparation. Only with both of them will you be able to achieve the right score to get you into college. Failure to achieve the minimum score may require you to retake the test or lose the chance of getting into a particular university.

If it’s your first time giving the SAT exam, you’re probably stressing out. Unfortunately, that’s definitely not going to help you get through your exam. Here are a few tips mentioned below that might help you begin with the SAT preparation. By keeping these factors in mind, the SAT exam will feel more like a challenge that you can surely get through.

SAT Test Preparation

Best Preparation for the SAT

The preparation stage can get a bit frustrating, especially when you’re doing it on your own. It would be a good idea to get professional help from your school for your SAT examinations. But if you plan to do it on your own, here are a few SAT preparation tips that might help you out.

1.     Registration

The first stage of your SAT preparation is registering online on the College Board website. You have to first create your account with the necessary details on this website and then register. You will have a few choices in the location where you will sit for your exam, along with the dates. Once you have the dates, you can make your study schedule and count your days to the final day.

2.     Go Through the Exam Structure

By going through the exam structure, you will learn what to expect during the exam. Learning the structure will help you practice papers. The SAT test has a maximum of 1600 marks. Study how the score distributes across, so you know what to focus on more. With the help of a professional teacher, you might understand this clearer.

3.     Assess Your Low Points

There is no such thing as a perfect student as everyone has their weaknesses. Accept your weaknesses, and start working on them. This will help you during practice as you can practice questions that you struggle with more. This way, you can turn your weaknesses into your strengths and ace the test!

4.     Have Goals

You must keep a score goal, as this will help you prepare better if you’re unable to achieve your desired score in the first few practice tests. The best way to hit your score goal is by keeping estimates for every target score. Make your preparation somewhat like a game and more challenging. This might encourage you to study more, especially on days when you just want to procrastinate.

Best Online SAT Test and Preparation

5.     Go Through Test Strategies

Test strategies are an important way to reach your ultimate score goal. There are millions of strategies available, but to get the best one, it’s best if you get in touch with a professional SAT professor.

6.     Practice Makes Perfect

Practice is the only way that’s going to get you through your SAT. Keep solving questions on your own and even with friends who might be giving the SAT with you. Solving papers together helps understand something better and group studying is always fun! You will have to go through few practice runs. Never get too confident if you do well on the first one. It’s best to keep practicing till the day of your SAT exam.

7.     The Final Day

Avoid stress-studying before the big day as it is going to only make it worse for you. It would be best if you got adequate amounts of sleep as you have to stay fresh for your exam. Try to eat well, as it can be hard to think on an empty stomach. Moreover, eating before an exam helps you avoid dizziness and prevent chances of fainting, which are quite common during exam day. Make sure to prepare all your stationery the night before so you don’t panic at the examination table when you find out you forgot to bring a calculator!

SAT Test Preparation: Conclusion

No matter how much you practice for the SAT’s, there is always this feeling of nervousness till the day you get through. But, that’s common, and almost every student goes through it.

If you want to go through a smooth SAT preparation, get in touch with the best SAT coaching at King Education and simplify the SAT test preparation. It definitely gets hard studying alone, but there is no harm in trying with the help of the tips mentioned above and an experienced tutor.

(917) 768-6151

The Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) & Preparation

The Scholastic Aptitude Test or SAT is an essential test for students who are ready to get into a good college. To get ready for the test, you need to work hard and spend a lot of time preparing. By excelling in the SAT, you are ensuring that you are ready to achieve further success in life. King Education helps you gain essential knowledge and learn skills to know the test, practice it in smart ways, and approach it with the right strategy on test day.

Scholastic Aptitude Test SAT

Overview of The Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT)

The Scholastic Aptitude Test is conducted seven times a year, depending on the region. In most countries, this test is performed at least five times each year. The cost of registration for the test starts from $52.50 to $101.50, depending on the country. In 2019, more than 2.2 million students appeared to take the SATs around the world. Here is some important information you need about the test:

  • This paper-pencil test is three hours long.
  • It contains four sections – Writing and Language, Reading, and Mathematics (without a calculator) & Mathematics (with the calculator)
  • There is an optional fifth section of essay writing, which is required by some colleges.
  • The score range for the overall test is between 400 and 1600.

Preparing for the SAT

Thinking about the test and performing well can be overwhelming for students. But the test isn’t that hard if you spend some time preparing for it. Here are some simple techniques and guidelines that can be effective for getting a good score in your SATs.

  • In order to get the most out of this test, you need to start studying at the right time. The ideal time to start studying for the SAT exam is four months prior to the test.
  • SAT includes a verbal section with questions that require reading comprehension and dictation skills. If you want to attempt all the answers correctly, read novels, newspapers, and watch English movies. If you are unfamiliar with a word, you must check it in the dictionary immediately.
  • Learn new words and try to utilize those words in everyday conversation. This way, you will remember their meaning.
  • Make notes of every word that you learn; including the meanings in a diary that you can carry easily everywhere you go. This way, you can scan the pages when you get time. Moreover, make sentences with those words so you can comprehend the usage better.
  • Learning groups of words is a good idea, and it saves you time. Learn root meanings, prefixes, and suffixes. For instance, the meaning of prefix “ex” is away or out. Now write down the words that are similar, such as extinct, exit, exterior, extrapolate, or extrinsic. This way, you can easily understand the meaning of the words that are inter-linked.
  • Polishing your writing skills is also essential for the writing section. Keep a journal and write whatever you think of. This way, you get to come up with new writing ideas.
  • Purchase a logic puzzle book from the bookstore and practice those puzzles every day. Logic puzzles are also crucial for your SAT exam. SAT is designed to test the logical reasoning skills of the candidate.

Start studying the previous test papers. This way, you can practice the patterns and directions of the test. You do not want to waste your time understanding the format of the test during the exam. Once the exam has started, every minute counts.

Best SAT Tutor | Scholastic Aptitude Test


King Education is a New York based tutoring service that helps students with their SATs through one-on-one online sessions. We also provide learning solutions to students interested in ISEE, SHSAT, ACT, GRE or GMAT, and more.

Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

Best Online SAT Test Preparation Tips

What are the best online SAT test preparation tips? You need to perform well on your SAT exam to be accepted to your chosen college, but where to start? Here are ten tips that can help you in studying and preparing for your SAT.

The Best SAT Test Preparation Tips

1.    Read Alot

The SAT’s are heavy on reading. You have to go through five long passages in an hour. This does not mean that the questions will be difficult. In fact, they will be pretty straightforward. The tough part is the reading, which will make your brain run out of energy several times while attempting a section. In order to avoid that, you need to create a habit of reading. Reading nonfiction novels and stories is best for preparing for your SAT exams. You can also read magazines or newspapers, etc. Reading also improves your grammar, writing skills, and vocabulary.

Best Online SAT Test Prep NYC

2.    Learn Mental Math

There are two math sections in the SAT exam. In one of these sections, you cannot use calculators. However, you do not want to do all the equations with your pencil and waste your precious time. Instead, you can prepare your brain as a mental calculator before your SAT exam. This way, you can save a lot of time on your exam. You can get help from mental math books that explain shortcuts of solving math problems with mental calculations.

3.    Brush Up On Your Grammar

In the verbal section, half of the questions are related to grammar. Many students fail to perform well in basic grammar, especially with the essay questions. You may feel overwhelmed while learning grammar, but this is an easy and important topic to cover while preparing for the SATs.

4.    Use SAT Preparation Material

You can find a lot of studying material online and at bookstores. Some of this material is good enough to follow, but some guides provide questions that are irrelevant to the topics that you should learn. This will waste your productive time. You need to look for the resources that are effective and helpful for you.

5.    Take Many Practice Tests

The SAT exam contains three essential parts: reading & math, writing, and language. You need to divide the sections and give enough time to each topic. Instead of doing a math section all day, divide your day into different parts and prepare for all the sections. By doing this, you will be mimicking your test day.

King Education | Best Online SAT Test Prep NYC

6.    Steer Clear of Cramming

You should not cram while preparing for your exams. When you are feeding a lot information in a small amount of time, your brain does not recognize this as valuable information. As a result, you soon forget everything. Think of cramming as building a skyscraper with cards. So you should prepare a few times a week and then review what you have already learned. This is the best and secure method. Furthermore, take some breaks so that your mind relaxes and let the information sink in.

7.    Identify & Correct Your Weaknesses

You may be bad in some topics and good in others. It is a good habit to practice what you already know from time to time. But you can benefit more if you focus on your weak points. You can take various tests online to know your weaknesses and work on those areas.

8.    Avail Your Dead Time

Throughout the day, we hang out and waste a lot of our time in small breaks; for instance, while waiting for a bus, friend, or dinner. These small breaks waste much of our precious time. Well, you can avail this time for your SAT preparation and use the following ideas:

  • You can surprise yourself by solving random mental math questions in your mind.
  • You can review vocabulary flashcards on your phone.
  • You can learn tips from students who scored well on their SAT’s.
  • You can dedicate some time to reading study guides for your SAT exams.

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