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GMAT or GRE Test Preparation

When applying to an MBA or Master’s Program, you are required to take GMAT or GRE. GMAT is essential for business schools, while GRE is necessary for general Master’s programs. However, several business schools are also accepting GRE scores for admission.

GMAT and GRE both have complex sets of questions. Both types of tests determine your analytical skills, critical skills, math skills, and verbal reasoning skills. It is crucial for you to master all these skills to get high scores in these tests.

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GMAT or GRE Test Preparation: Test Structure

GRE and GMAT both have similar testing structures but with a few noticeable differences. Both feature the following sections:

  • Analytical Writing

The analytical writing section requires you to analyze the reasoning for a given argument. You are also expected to write a critique of that argument. This section measures the candidate’s critical thinking, ability to communicate your ideas and also English writing skills.

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The requirements and scoring of this section in GRE and GMAT are very similar. However, the duration of this section differs in both the tests. The GRE contains a 60-minute analytical writing section. There are two essays in this section, each of which requires 30 minutes to finish.  In the GMAT, this section has one essay for 30 minutes.

  • Verbal Reasoning

This section measures your ability to read and comprehend the provided material. Through this section, the examiner measures how well the candidate can reason, evaluate, and correct certain information.

The verbal reasoning section of GMAT consists of 36 multiple-choice questions to complete in 65 minutes. For GRE, The time duration of this section is 60 minutes.

There are three types of questions in this section. These sections are reading comprehension, text completion, and sentence correction. There is no need for specialized knowledge of a particular subject for this section.

The reading comprehension requires you to answer a handful of questions from the given text. This portion tests the ability to answer questions based on reading skills and critical study skills. The material of the text can be from a variety of fields such as science, technology, history, literature, etc.

Text completion simply requires you to select correct words or phrases to complete a sentence.

For GRE, there is a sub-section of sentence equivalence instead of sentence correction. This includes questions that ask you to select the two closely related sentences.

  • Quantitative Reasoning

The quantitative reasoning in GRE and GMAT tests your quantitative skills. There are usually four types of questions in this portion. Here the examiner tests the graph interpretation, table analysis, two-part analysis, and multi-source reasoning. Each type of question is set to determine how well you can interpret and analyze data to solve complex problems.

You have to interpret information present in the graphs, texts, and numbers.  They need to combine information from multiple sources to solve problems. Many of these problems have several parts. You need to answer every part of the question to gain a high score.

In the GRE, there are two 35-minute sections. On the other hand, there is one 62-minute long section of quantitative reasoning in GMAT.

GMAT or GRE Test Preparation: Other Differences

By now, you must know how similar and different the patterns of GRE and GMAT are. There are also a few other differences between the tests.

Test Format

Both GMAT and GRE are computer-adaptive tests. Only GRE offers a paper version in places where a computer delivering the test isn’t available.

The Scoring of Test

For GRE, the verbal and quantitative sections score from 130 to 170 points. There is a 1-point increment on each scoring point.

GMAT measures the overall score, which ranges from 200 to 800. There is a 10-point increment on each scoring point.

Testing Time

There is not much difference in the testing time of GRE and GMAT. The total time duration of GMAT and GRE is 3.75 hours and 3.5 hours, respectively.


Both GMAT and GRE are valid for five years.

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