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SAT, ACT & SAT II Testing

The SAT Standardized Test

The SAT is a standard test that makes sure that you are eligible and capable of the admission. It identifies your skills and measures your ability to perform in areas like the clarity of expression, computational ability, and reading comprehension. As a lot of students take this test, the colleges and universities can compare the candidates based on their scores and enroll the best ones in their degree programs.

You need to submit your SAT or ACT scores along with your application while applying for admissions in universities and colleges in the US. The decision of the admission committee of the college or university depends 50% on your SAT or ACT. So, the higher your scores are, the better chance you have of getting admission into your desired college/university. Every four-year college in the US accepts the SAT or ACT. However, you still need to check the admission process of various colleges before applying, as some colleges have flexible policies.

You have to take the SAT or ACT when you are a US student applying to get admission in a college in Canada and the UK and also if you are an international student applying for college in the United States.

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The ACT Standardized Test

ACT is the abbreviated form of American College Testing, but now the official name is ACT. You should not pronounce it like the word “act” but say individual letters A-C-T instead. The test was first taken in 1959, and since then, colleges have been using this test to identify the right candidates for their programs.

ACT is the other major aptitude test that universities and colleges use to enroll new students, and it has become the admission criterion. In 2011, the number of candidates who took the ACT was higher than the number of candidates who took the SAT (which was the favorite at that time).

The ACT exam has two benefits:

  • Measuring the knowledge of a candidate in science, English, reading, and math.
  • Measuring how well the candidate will perform in their college in these four major areas.

Tests like SAT and ACT are designed in a way that identifies the candidates’ eligibility to study in a particular college or university. Furthermore, it makes sure that the enrolling students have the aptitude and knowledge to complete the four-year degree program successfully. Studying in a college is time-consuming and expensive. If a student does not academically qualify for the program and they are accepted, they are likely to drop out in the middle of that program.

SAT or ACT – What to Choose?

If you are not sure about either, you can take practice tests available online. This test will identify which aptitude test is best for you. Since the style and content of the ACT and SAT are similar, you should ask yourself the following questions to pick one.

  • How good are you at handling the pressure of time?
  • Which questions are the most challenging for you?

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SAT Subject Test or SAT II Test

The SAT subject test or SAT II will identify the ability of a candidate in a specific subject. You can choose from a bunch of SAT subjects. These subjects include French, Biology, Chinese, US History and many more. By appearing for SAT 1, you are virtually applying for all the undergraduate programs in the US. However, SAT subject tests are specific to applying only in competitive schools. You need to check the institution for their admission criteria and apply accordingly.

If you are preparing for SAT II, you need to focus more on the subject content of the rather than the structure of the exam. There are many practice tests available for Subject Test on the internet that you can take to test your skills. You will find hundreds of books on the subjects that will help prepare you for the SAT subject test.

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