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Need online tutoring and prep for the SAT or GMAT? The SAT and GMAT are standardized tests for admission in college and business school, respectively. Preparing for both these tests requires long study hours and develop writing and critical thinking skills. The admissions mainly depend upon the scores of these tests. So students with good grades also need to put immense effort into preparing for these tests.

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Paul King founded King Education in 2015. He started tutoring several students soon after he graduated from the University of Delaware. His passion for helping out students lead him to form premier academic coaching. With time, King Education expanded as many skilled tutors and college counselors joined in. Kings Education has worked with students and families across New York City and the country. King Education continues to serve students in helping them score higher and build a better future.

Comparing SAT and the GMAT

GMAT and SAT are very quite similar to each other yet very different as well. Both the tests have large portions dedicated to multiple-choice questions. You will find questions related to algebra, problem-solving, data analysis, and Add math in GMAT and SAT. Then there is essay and reading comprehension in the tests.

GMAT is much harder than the SAT. The questions in GMAT are very tricky, while the ones in the SAT are pretty straightforward.

Math Questions

Both the tests feature word problems, geometry, algebra, and number properties. The concepts of the GMAT math section are very similar to what you will find in the SAT. But the difficulty level of each question is a lot higher. For the SAT, you need to memorize all the formulas and rules. But for GMAT, you should have a better concept of numbers. For GMAT, your focus should be on creative problems skills.

Reading Comprehension

The relation between GMAT and SAT reading comprehension is the same as that of their math counterparts.  The basic skills required for this section are common for both the test. But GMAT obviously has a higher level. The difference mainly lies in the content of comprehension.

The comprehension passages in the SAT are more digestible than the ones in GMAT.  They mostly revolve around general knowledge, opinion pieces, and favor fiction. Comprehension texts in GMAT include content on science, technology, or even history. The questions are generally tricky and hard. You must learn to read between the lines to answer some of the questions in this section.

Sentence Correction

Both the tests will have some questions that will ask you to correct the sentences. Here, the trend continues as the sentence corrections in GMAT are trickier. Meanwhile, SAT grammar is relatively basic. Students don’t go into preparing for absolute phrases for SAT. But for GMAT, the distinction between right and wrong options for sentence correcting can be a bit frustrating.

Things You Will Find in GMAT But Not in the SAT

The structure and concepts of many questions are similar in the GMAT and SAT. But being on a higher level, GMAT has several questions that you won’t find in the SAT. You will require extra practice to excel in GMAT.

Critical Reasoning

For verbal critical reasoning, you have to read a short paragraph about a certain line of reasoning.  Next, you have to answer a question about the logic of the paragraph. The examiner can ask questions like how the content can be improved or what it was based upon.


Essays in SAT usually ask for your opinion. But the essays in GMAT clearly do not. You will have to analyze an argument for an essay in GMAT. The approach is a bit similar to what you employ when answering critical reasoning questions. The difference is that you have to present your argument in an open-answer format.

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Integrated Reasoning

GMAT has a section of data interpretation. There are questions that include tables, charts, and graphs.  You will be asked to form conclusions based on the interpretation of the data. The SAT does not have a section like this.

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